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The Latest Stories about Wild Blueberries

Read about this powerhouse of nutritional health. Find the latest news, research and articles featuring the Wild Blueberry, a key superfood and nature’s #1 antioxidant.

Science World ReportTwo Cups of Wild Blueberries Lowers the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

The Wall Street Journal Online: How Berries Became the Ultimate Superfood

NutraIngredients-USA: Berries show heart-boosting power for women: Harvard study

NutraIngredients-USA: Berry pigments show heart health benefits

NutraIngredients-USA: Wild Blueberries may protect DNA from damage: Study

NutraIngredients-USA: Study unlocks cholesterol-lowering activity of blueberry

Huffington Post: Cognitive Impairment Study Shows Berries Significantly Slow Degeneration

Reuters: Blueberries and other flavonoid-rich fruits linked to lower risk of diabetes

The Lempert Report: Blueberries May Help Fight Breast Cancer

WebMD: Berries Boost Brain Function

NutraIngredients-USA: Blueberry and Broccoli May Boost Bowel Health

NPR: Bow Down To The Medicinal Power Of Cranberries

Dr. Weil’s 6 Reasons to Eat Blueberries

The Family Kitchen: Blueberry Brain Boosters Dr. Oz on Cancer Fighting Foods–Wild Blueberries 9 Foods that may help save your memory How Wild Blueberries Affect Brain Function and Anti-Aging

CNN Health: How to get your favorite fruits in the winter – Frozen Wild Blueberries

Nutritional Outlook: Blueberries May Protect Critical Eye Tissue

Real Age: Get the Benefits of Blueberries Every Day

Scientific American: Your Brain on Blueberries (PDF) 

WebMD: Eat Smart for a Healthier Brain

Dr Oz Show: Why Wild Plants Can Protect You From Cancer

Progressive Grocer: Berries Are Better Than Ever: Research

VivMag: Dozens of Reasons Why Blueberries Deserve to Be Celebrated

Austin Post-Bulletin: Healthy Bites: Berries can be berry good for you Healthy Benefits of Wild Blueberries Touted.

Portland Press Herald: Raking blueberries by hand proves no easy feat

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