December 1, 2016

The publication includes a Holiday Survival Guide and contains a range of healthy recipes from nationally recognized registered dietitians

PORTLAND, MAINE — The Wild Blueberry Association of North America is unveiling a new holiday e-recipe guide that’s focused on healthy treats for the holidays. The e-recipe book, available at wildblueberries.com, was produced by the Association and leverages a multi-year brand-building strategy that has engaged registered dietitians from across the country to tell the health story of Wild Blueberries and reveal the advantages of picking Wild Blueberries over cultivated, or highbush, blueberries.

“Our strategy has been to create ambassadors to help us tell the powerful health story behind Wild Blueberries,” said Kit Broihier, nutrition advisor to the Wild Blueberry Association of North America and co-author of several cookbooks, including Everyday Gluten-Free Slow Cooking.  “With two years of large Wild Blueberry harvests, the Wild Blueberry industry has worked hard to communicate the advantages of eating wild foods, which we believe will resonate with health-conscious consumers.”

To that end, the industry has just released “Wild Bites” a holiday recipe e-book that contains holiday survival tips and recipes for savory and sweet small bites. Included are savory appetizers like Skinny Turkey Meatballs with Wild Blueberry BBQ Sauce, Wild Blueberry Jalapeño Poppers, and Chicken Saté with Wild Blueberry Peanut Sauce. The book also includes a selection of healthy sweet options like Mini Wild Blueberry Cream Pies, Wild Blueberry and Goat Cheese Hand Pies, and Paleo Wild Blueberry Chocolate Macaroons.

The majority of the recipes are contributed by leading registered dietitians with significant national followings, including The Nutrition Twins from New York City, Danielle Omar from Virginia, and Mireya Merritt of San Francisco. The recipe book is a reflection of multi-year campaign designed to develop hundreds of healthy Wild Blueberries smoothie and food recipes.

“Everyone in Maine knows about Wild Blueberries,” said Broihier. “But after the summer harvest, some of us seem to forget, especially that the fruit is available frozen all year round. This recipe book is designed to be a free and friendly reminder to put our Maine State fruit on display for the holiday season.”

Health benefits of Wild Blueberries in the news

The Wild Blueberry health story has recently gained national attention. A recent New York Times article noted that wild blueberries contain a greater number and variety of phytochemicals than cultivated blueberries, including up to 26 different anthocyanin compounds. “They’re not pampered like the cultivated blueberries,” noted Mary Ann Lila, Ph.D., director of the Plants for Human Health Institute at North Carolina State University.

Last week Drs. Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen published in a nationally syndicated article that encouraged readers to eat “super-good for you” Wild Blueberries. The article cited a U.S. Department of Agriculture analysis that stated, “gram for gram, raw, wild blueberries contain more than twice the antioxidants as their farm-grown cousins. A Cornell University study rated wild blueberries No. 1 in antioxidant activity using their cellular antioxidant activity test.”

About the Wild Blueberry Association of North America
The Wild Blueberry Association of North America is a trade association of farmers and processors of Wild Blueberries from Maine and Canada who are dedicated to bringing the Wild Blueberry health story and unique Wild Advantages to consumers and the trade worldwide. WBANA is dedicated to furthering research that explores the health potential of Wild Blueberries. Every year since 1997, WBANA has hosted the Health Research Summit in Bar Harbor, a worldwide gathering of renowned scientists and researchers whose work is leading the way in learning more and more about the health benefits of Wild Blueberries. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the potential health and disease fighting benefits of Wild Blueberries. For news, recipes, and related health information about Wild Blueberries, visit www.wildblueberries.com. For the latest updates, read our blog. Visit us on Facebook or on Twitter.