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12 Days of Wild Blues, Day 4: Memorable Holiday Morning

Blueberry Griddle Cake by norwichnuts, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by norwichnuts

The stockings have been hung, the cards have been delivered. Christmas morning signals, among other things, an end to the chaos. It conjures a house filled with torn tissue paper, strewn boxes, and children dressed in pajamas busying themselves with gifts. Alongside them, weary parents remind them to pause for a moment and eat breakfast.

Wild Blueberry Pancakes are made for Christmas morning. They are comforting and indulgently sweet, and they invite family members to hover around a griddle. They also require a little more time than most run-of-the-mill mornings have to give. For many, December 25th is the one chance they’ll get to sit down and share a morning meal, and pancakes in classic wild blueberry style fit the bill.

Day 4: Blueberry Pancake BreakfastThere are blitzes, coffee cakes, and scones, and all do their part to showcase this little blue fruit. But breakfast is for pancakes, after all. When it comes to delicious, the taste of those tender disks covered with syrup just can’t be replicated. Here are some options for your holiday morn:

Gifting pancakes? Visit Blueberry Bliss for a wild blueberry pancake mix, or Stonewall Kitchen, which has very giftable pancake and waffle mixes and wild blueberry syrup. The ultimate wild blue combo!

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