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12 Wild Days of Pure Blue Counts Down to Day 8

A filled punch bowl is the center of a holiday spread. It beautifies a table and acts as a destination point for guests who want to try a pour for themselves. Wild blueberries work wonderfully in punch. They are not overpoweringly sweet or sour, so they provide just the right taste with a bright, colorful look. That’s why Day 8 features wild blueberries as part of this distinctively delicious delivery system that will bowl your guests over at your holiday gathering.

Day 8: Wild Blueberry Lime Punch

This Wild Blueberry Lime Punch is the definitive holiday grog. It provides a little sparkle and a little blue. Frozen wild blueberries provide the color and taste along with woodruff syrup, a popular German syrup made from woodruff that adds a fruity taste. It can be found in a well-stocked bar.

For some fabulous alternatives, you can try out these holiday punches from Martha Stewart, which include Blood-Orange Punch, Sparkling Shiraz Punch, Lemon Drop Champagne Punch, and Mulled White-Wine Sangria. Substitute blueberry juice when the recipes calls for either cranberry or pomegranate for a unique taste that is surprisingly mellow, with the alcohol or without.

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