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12 Wild Days of Pure Blue – Day 9

What is a culinary walking tour? Nothing less than an adventure in the state’s foodiest city. The holiday season is a perfect way to explore Portland’s Old Port, a place known for its food artisans and Maine inspired-culinary delights. Whether you live in Portland, are taking a shopping trip there, or have friends and family in the area who want to explore the city where local food reigns, it’s a unique opportunity to learn more about a seaside town’s history and discover the chefs, brewers, and bakers that make it famous for eating.

Day 9: Old Port Culinary Walking Tour

December is an ideal time to uncover the food secrets lurking in the shops and fish houses of Portland. It’s decked out for Christmas, and tour spots tend to have a holiday slant to their offerings. Tours are planned through December 23, and resume on the 27, where they go through the new year.

Culinary tours can be made by trolley or by foot, but December tends to focus on foot tours. The sweet-toothed can even center their attention solely on chocolate – tours include the town of Freeport as a food tour hot spot for chocolate as well.

Are there samples?  Absolutely. A culinary tour would not be the same without them. Wild blueberries make an essential appearance here – wild blueberry preserves served with a scone is a featured sampling, along with local cheeses, lobster, chocolate make with Maine potatoes, and Maine-crafted ales. That’s why an Old Port Culinary Walking Tour fits the bill for our palate-pleasing Day 9 pick for the 12 Wild Days Countdown. So put on your walking shoes and have a foodie holiday!

Don’t live in Maine? There are food tasting and cultural walking tours all around the country. Find one in your city or a city you are visiting for the holidays, and get a taste of the local offerings.

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