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8 Go-To Healthy and Delicious Wild Blueberry Smoothie Recipes from 8 Registered Dietitians

Recently, we took a small group of remarkably, dedicated food and nutrition bloggers from around the United States, on our fourth annual Wild Blueberry Harvest Tour, a three-day exploration of the Wild Blueberry Barrens in Maine. During that time, they received a whirlwind introduction to the nutritious and flavorful world of Maine’s tiny superfruit.

They saw and experienced where Wild Blueberries grow, and learned the 10,000-year-old story behind this indigenous fruit and what makes them wild – the fact that they are not planted but grow and spread naturally, and remain just like nature made them all those years ago. They enjoyed the sweet and tangy flavor of Wild Blueberries right out of the field, and during some deliciously, fabulous meals. They hand raked Wild Blueberries, and met the incredible people in Maine who are stewards of our tiny, potent berry. And, they discovered how Wild Blueberries, flash frozen at their peak of ripeness to lock in taste in nutrition, get from farm to freezer, and ultimately to you!

Wild Your Smoothie Recipe Contest

On the final day of the trip, our guests faced off in a fun, smoothie-making recipe contest. All recipes had to feature frozen Wild Blueberries plus they had more than 40 ingredients to work with. Their creativity was on overdrive and some interesting ingredients like beets, raw cashews and white beans emerged in the healthy and tasty recipes.

Photo credit: Ted Axelrod 

The Winners!

After lots of tasting by our two judges, the following two smoothies — Blueberries Gone Wild Breakfast Shake by Katie Sullivan Morford of Moms Kitchen Handbook and Totally Tropical Wild Blueberry Smoothie by Emily Kyle of Emily Kyle Nutrition —  were selected for their outstanding taste and creativity.

The smoothies were judged for taste, texture, and visual presentation by Wild Blueberry nutrition advisor Kit Broihier, MS, MD, LD, and Bar Harbor Inn Executive Chef Louis Kefir.

8 NEW Inspiring & Healthy Smoothies

If you’re in a smoothie rut and looking for inspiration to ramp up your smoothie making game, explore the eight new recipes created by our wonderful team of food and nutrition bloggers. Each has its own unique character, flavor, and appearance:

Wild Blueberry Harvest Tour Smoothie Recipes

Bottom Line – Wild Your Smoothie!

If you haven’t tried frozen Wild Blueberries yet, please consider adding them to your smoothie making staple list and join our #WildYourSmoothie movement. We know that making great smoothies is a healthy way to get a tasty and easy on-the-go meal during the day.

Frozen Wild Blueberries have twice the antioxidant capacity, 72% more fiber, 8 times the manganese, 32% less sugar and a more intense blueberry when compared to regular blueberries found in the produce section. Check out our Wild Your Smoothie nutrition infographic here.

Once you go “Wild” you’ll never go back!

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