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A Belly Busting Berry? Bonus Bennies from Blues

“It’s About Your Belly…”

It’s unlikely someone you know will take you aside and ask, “What’s up with your belly?” But even if your midsection is not the talk of the office, it doesn’t matter—you know when things are going downhill tummy-wise. If you’ve recently acquired a gut, muffin top, spare tire, or some basic bloat, you know it’s true: the stomach can take the brunt of weight gain.

Heartening news for your emergent abdomen is this recently published research concerning the belly busting benefits of blueberries. Researchers say that antioxidant-rich blueberries may change how the body stores and processes glucose or sugar for energy, and may result in a reduction of fat where it bothers us most.

Said University of Michigan researcher Dr. Steven Bolling in the release, “The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables have been well researched, but our findings in regard to blueberries show the naturally occurring chemicals they contain, such as anthocyanins, show promise in mitigating these health conditions.”

The desire to ban belly fat may be based in aesthetics, but the research is important not just because it might provide the key to a better profile. Abdominal fat is related to heart disease and diabetes, and side effects of banishing belly fat can include lowered cholesterol as well.

Could You Have Bad Belly Karma?

The news about belly fat and blueberries only confirms that antioxidant rich fruits have potential that is yet to be unleashed. But what if, like many people, you’ve already been munching blues at breakfast or with other meals? Talk about unfair: nothing’s changed, you exercise, you eat well, and suddenly you notice size is beginning to matter. That is, your belly is gaining girth and you’re concerned—or at least confused. What is it? Bad karma? Sleep eating? It may be time for some deductive reasoning.

Medicinenet’s series of compelling slideshows  includes a primer on why you may be gaining weight if everything else appears to be the same old-same old.  According to the slideshow, some of the culprits may be lack of sleep or increased stress. Adding insult to injury, these lifestyle shifts can wreak havoc on weight, due to a delicate balance of hormones and appetite that can be knocked asunder in low-sleep, high-stress times.

Other items on the weight gain checklist include taking new meds, menopause, or an undiagnosed disease that may have slipped under the radar and caused you to pack on the pounds. View the slideshow about weight gain and its fixes.

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