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Brainy, Skinny & Big on Blue: The Year’s Top 10 Wild About Health Blog Posts

What was your health and nutrition obsession in 2011? For many it was all about food synergy, while others preferred to focus on the harvest. This year’s most popular posts span the food and color spectrum – here’s a look at what you liked most at Wild About Health this year. They may be worth a second read in 2012!

Your Top 10 Posts of 2011 

1. Infatuated with Food in Maine? 
This post features the 10 Best Local Bloggers in the local world of eating from those who cover the Portland culinary scene to avid home cooks who love to share their creations.

2. Food Synergy: Nature’s Meal Plan?
One plus one is more than two. This post focuses on the mysterious world of synergy: food combinations that work together to provide more powerful health benefits.

3. At Blueberry Harvest Time, Picking at Peak Means an Endless Summer
This go-to post from 2010, revisited this year, breaks down the tradition and technology of farming wild blueberries and why this little blue fruit is the pride of Down East Maine and Nova Scotia.

4. You Can Trust Allison Fishman
The author of You Can Trust a Skinny Cook talked exclusively to Wild About Health this year and shared her “skinny” story, her tips, and a delicious recipe.

5. First Spring Look: Maine’s Wild Blueberry Barrens 
This year, it was just like being there. Geoff Leighton shares his photos from an off-season trip to the barrens when things are just starting to happen in the land of wild blueberries.

6. New! Harvest Pics From Down East Maine’s Wild Blueberry Barrens 
2011 was all about the blue: these up-to-the-moment pics show the wild blueberry barrens, the post-harvest processing, even a peek at rake-making.

7. Can You Clean Your Brain? New Research Shows Berries Can Eliminate Brain “Debris” 
New research was a boon for the brain, and berries are big winners when it comes to brain “clutter”.

8. Frozen Fruit Myths…Debunked! These myths about frozen include straight talk about the nutrition and performance of fantastic frozen fruit.

9. Skin Superfoods: Eating Rx for Your Largest Organ
Beautiful skin isn’t just about genetics—it’s about what you put on your plate, and these foods beautify inside and out.

10. ORAC: What is This Nutritional Buzzword?
This post provides the basics of a need-to-know nutritional term created to determine the antioxidant power in foods, an important measurement for health and disease prevention.

Here’s to more healthy and nutritious reading in 2012!

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