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Easy Holiday Braided Breakfast Bread with Wild Blueberry Filling

One of my favorite traditions is to make something special for breakfast on holiday mornings. Since I don’t consider myself a skilled baker, I usually pick a treat that is relatively easy to make, yet still looks impressive. You won’t find me kneading out dough or assembling baklava, that’s for sure! The last few years I’ve made a braided breakfast bread. I like it because I can change up the filling pretty easily, but the basics are the same. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about baking, the more you attempt a recipe, the better it gets. Indeed, this Braided Breakfast Bread gets more delicious each year.

Braided Breakfast Bread with Wild Blueberry Filling

Adding Wild Blueberries to the filling is a no-brainer; they are so versatile in the kitchen. Every time I use Wild Blueberries in a recipe, the dish is elevated to a new and delicious level. What I love most is how the intense flavor of Wild Blueberries complements savory and sweet dishes alike. The fact that frozen fresh Wild Blueberries are available year-round is an added bonus!

Frozen Wild Blueberry Filling

My mom and I created this recipe together in only a few minutes. We started by mixing some almond paste with ricotta cheese. If you like marzipan, you are already familiar with almond paste. Next we folded in Wild Blueberries, which created a beautiful purple color. We spread the mixture down the center of the dough.

Wild Blueberry Filling

To keep it simple, we used pizza crust as our dough, because it’s easy and tastes delicious! Should you want to get really fancy, you could make your own almond paste and dough. However, this girl likes to keep her baking as foolproof as possible.

Braiding the Bread

Once we readied the dough and the mixture was in place, we began to braid the bread. Those are my mom’s busy hands, as mine were holding the camera. After a few tucks and folds, viola! Into the oven it went.

Coming out of the Oven

About 16 minutes later, out came this gorgeous braided bread, bursting with cheesy, Wild Blueberry goodness!

Wild Blueberry Glaze

While the bread was baking, we whipped up this gorgeous Wild Blueberry glaze. What’s the point of making a Danish style bread and not glazing it up?

This Wild Blueberry Breakfast Danish is easy to tailor to your taste. Try using different types of cheese for the filling (mascarpone or cream cheese would be lovely), or swap the almond paste with lemon curd.

Braided Breakfast Bread with Wild Blueberry Filling

I enjoy making lasting memories with my family over the holidays. Preparing this sweet bread on holiday mornings is just one of them. What are some of your family’s holiday traditions?

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