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Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry – Step Aside!

As Baskin said to Robbins, there’s a new flavor in town! We couldn’t let this stunning endorsement (from food52’s blog Cooking From Every Angle) for one of our favorite healthy, colorful foods go by. If you haven’t indulged in this warm weather treat yet, there is still time.

Merrill extols the virtues of low-bush, or wild, blueberries, including their complex flavor concentrated in smaller packages. To think that they have practically unmatched nutritional power, too.

It’s true that no food is inherently evil, and that goes for dessert, too. If you like, you can follow Michael Pollan’s advice: make your treats from the season’s best produce, and set a rule to always make them yourself. It will mean you’ll go to the trouble less often, and you’ll likely be using mostly real, whole food. Here’s to late summer treats with a dollop of health and color!

You can find more recipes for nutritious delicious desserts that offer a daily dose of blue.

Enjoy more amazing eating from Cooking From Every Angle. 

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