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Join the Smoothie Bowl Craze with this Wild Blueberry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Over the last few weeks we’ve introduced you to two of the three winners of our Wild Blueberry Wild Your Smoothie Recipe Contest. Today, meet our third winner, Erin Fesperman. She’s the voice behind the blog Faith, Food, Family, Fun and her winning recipe was her amazingly delicious Wild Blueberry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl.


Erin says she is a passionate home cook, wife and mom to three furbabies. She told us she started her blog on a whim two years ago when a friend created a lifestyle blog and suggested Erin start a blog all about cooking. Ever since, Erin has been sharing her love of delicious food with her readers. She describes her cooking style as “Southern comfort food — the savory and sweet dishes that you’d find in an afternoon supper at your local church.” Except she takes new twists on these recipes to ramp up their health.

Erin’s passion for cooking and food started at a very young age. “I used to check out kid’s cookbooks at my library and bring them home and I’d make many of the recipes,” she recalls. “Most of what I created tasted terrible but my dad, who was my taste tester, would always encourage me to keep cooking.” After high school, Erin decided to attend culinary school in North Carolina and received her degree in baking. “I prefer baking over everything else,” she says. Check out Erin’s blog. It’s full of baked goods for almost every occasion.

After Culinary school, Erin worked in a variety of restaurants until she decided to leave it all behind and become a food blogger. She says she loves what she’s doing now. “I’m always working on improving my photography skills and creating delicious recipes to share with my readers.”

Here’s what Erin had to say about her love of food and cooking.

What’s your nutrition philosophy?

We try to eat as much organic and whole foods as possible. I cook everyday and we never eat takeout or processed foods. I’m an avid gardener and love to grow my own vegetables. We only eat the vegetables from our own garden and we prefer grass-fed or free-range meat. For us, it has to be the most natural ingredients possible. And because I love to bake and create delicious desserts I live by the rule “every thing in moderation.” For me cooking is about the creation and sharing of my food. For example, I’ll make a huge pound cake and keep one slice for us and give the rest away.

 What do you hope people take away from your blog?

I like to take a recipe and break it down into easy and understandable steps – so there’s really no guesswork. I want to show my readers that cooking is fun and easy and something they shouldn’t be afraid to do for their families and friends.

 What do you love about smoothies?

I didn’t really get into smoothies until I got my super high-tech blender and then it became really fun. I like smoothies for their nutrition and for their portability. They taste good – and fill you up. It’s like drinking a dessert but in a good and healthy way.

When did you discover smoothie bowls?

My typical routine was to make a smoothie and pour it into a glass but I started seeing more and more smoothie bowl recipes on social media so I decided for the contest I wanted to create my very own. Smoothie bowls are different from regular smoothies in that they are thicker and can be eaten with a spoon. To me, it’s like enjoying a big bowl of Wild Blueberry gelato (except this is soooo much more healthy than eggs, cream, and sugar!). Now we’re big smoothie bowl fans and I make them at least three to four times a week.

Were you familiar with frozen Wild Blueberries before the Wild Your Smoothie Contest?

Yes, I regularly buy frozen Wild Blueberries. I’ve been doing so for years because my husband loves them and eats them every morning. Wild Blueberries have an amazing flavor, great nutrition, and they’re easy to get all year round because they’re frozen. I don’t like to see food go to waste and that can sometimes happen with fresh regular blueberries especially if you don’t use them quickly – like in a couple of days. I always have frozen Wild Blueberries and other frozen fruits on hand for smoothie making and baking.

Tell us a little bit about your Wild Blueberry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl recipe.

I added a variety of different ingredients to the frozen fresh Wild Blueberries to further ramp up the nutrition; ingredients like avocado, which added some great fats and helped give the base of my smoothie bowl a wonderful creamy texture. I also wanted to create a dairy-free recipe and showcase my own coconut milk, a recipe I recently created. To enhance and highlight the flavor of the Wild Blueberries I added nutmeg and vanilla.

What was your reaction when you learned you were a contest winner?

I was totally taken by surprise and excited to find out I was one of the winners of the Wild Your Smoothie contest. It was hard to keep it a secret until the winners were announced.

Congratulations Erin. We love your Wild Blueberry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl. It’s delicious and beautiful, too!

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