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Colorful Summer Salads + Wild Blueberry Orzo Salad Recipe

One of my favorite things to do when the weather warms up is to eat outside. Whether I’m having friends over, having brunch with my girlfriends, or meeting up in the park for a picnic potluck, a portable, flavorful summer salad is key. This Wild Blueberry Orzo Salad fits the bill!

As you know, I love adding Wild Blueberries to savory dishes for an unexpected pop of flavor and antioxidants, not to mention the gorgeous color. I’ve added Wild Blueberries to pasta before, and let me tell you, I am hooked. It turns the orzo pasta a bright amazing purple hue, which is perfect for a fun summery picnic dish.

The real kicker is the Wild Blueberry vinaigrette! Adding Wild Blueberries to the salad and blending them into the dressing means you get extra antioxidant power with every bite. The dressing is super simple to make and so zesty and fresh I bet it would taste good on just about anything – try it drizzled over sautéed vegetables or as a marinade for chicken or tofu

You can easily customize this salad. Just about any grain or pasta would work (try quinoa, barley, or wheat berries) and any veggie would work too. Next time I’ll try sautéed broccoli and toss in some baby arugula.

I used orzo for my husband. He likes to joke that orzo is like ice cream for him because it’s such a treat when he gets it. But don’t worry, this recipe is much healthier than ice cream, even if it’s just as much of a treat!

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