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February 12th: Perfect Day for Pancakes

From Buttermilk to Berry, Pancakes are a Seasonal Tradition

February 12th is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, which marks the first day of Lent. It’s traditionally a day to use up cupboard staples before fasting – a perfect day for pancake making.

Any day is a good day to celebrate the pancake, but February 12 is an especially good time to partake in its warm, cakey goodness. That’s because the 12th is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, the last day before the beginning of Lent. Because Lent marks a period of abstaining – often from indulgences that include eggs, sugars and fats – tradition dictates that this Tuesday is the day to use those items from the cupboard before it commences. In other words, it’s an ideal day for a towering plate of wonderful pancakes – whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

There is particular reverence for this edible golden disc in the UK and Ireland, where the day is marked by pancake races and other pancake-themed festivities. Here in the US and Canada, the day is a perfect excuse to take advantage of the pancake’s many coveted characteristics. It is the perfect foil for the native wild blueberry, for example, and an excellent way to fold in sweet taste and powerful antioxidant properties to this enjoyable dish.

In addition to adding nutritious berries, you can always increase the health quotient of your cake even during your period of abstinence by using whole wheat flour, apple sauce as a substitute for sugar, and using soy milk, like these healthy pancake recipes from Health.com do. So fire up the skillet and create the perfect pancake. It’s simple: measure ingredients carefully, don’t overbeat (to avoid a tough cake), warm the skillet until water dances on the surface, and stick to a single flip – waiting until the batter bubbles. And, choose a mouth-watering recipe that takes full advantage of a day when the pancake reigns.

The Blueberry Pancake: Delicious Twist on Tradition
Pancakes happily abide their share of fruits, veggies, and chocolate chips, but there’s no denying it’s the blueberry pancake that stands the test of time and taste. With the convenience of frozen and the powerful nutrition of the smaller, more flavorful wild blueberry that provides more berries per serving (the key to a superb pancake), it’s simply the ideal pairing.

Viennese Pancakes with Wild Blueberries

But even pancake purists like to sweeten the pot. There’s so much more you can do to raise the stakes, as these new classics from the WildBlueberries.com recipe chest attest:

Need more pancake ideas for Shrove Tuesday? Revisit our Passion for the Pancake post for more palatable ideas for Pancake Day, or dig into delicious with Fabio Viviani’s Perfect Savory Pancakes which feature ricotta cheese and smoked paprika.

Pancakes: A Valentine’s Day Essential  
Thinking about breakfast in bed for a loved one this Valentine’s Day? If you are truly set on opening your heart, only pancakes will do. Keri Glassman, author of the Slim Calm Sexy Diet, suggests showing some love with heart-shaped, whole-wheat pancakes with a berry yogurt topper and dark chocolate-covered strawberries. The perfect edible love letter!

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