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Summer in Maine conjures up the most wonderful imaginings and reveries—clear, pristine rivers, spruce-lined lakes, ancient mountains, bold rocky coastlines, honest straight-talking people, simple values, and fresh, local food.  Here are five reasons why we love summer! Share your ideas with us and remember to enjoy the best that summer has to offer before it’s gone.

  1. campfireSWIMMING – Whether it’s the lake, the ocean, or the swimming pool, we love that summer is a cascade of water
  2. CAMPFIRES – there’s nothing more enticing than a campfire and roasted marshmallows on a warm summer night.
  3. THE ENDLESS DAYS – summer days seem to stretch endlessly into evening – even the kids get to stay up later!
  4. OUTDOOR GATHERINGS WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY—sumharvesting+wideshotmer is the season for outdoor parties and special occasions.

WILD BLUEBERRIES – well of course. For us, summer is not complete without delicious, healthy wild blueberries. If you didn’t know, they have twice the antioxidants and a more intense blueberry taste that makes summer meals just a little more special.


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