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Gluten Free Wild Blueberry Cornbread Loaves with Wild Blueberry “Butter”

Growing up, making mini bread loaves was a holiday tradition in our home. My mom churned out dozens of little loaves of pumpkin bread and packaged them up as gifts for neighbors, coworkers, and friends. I still make a dairy-free version of that pumpkin bread, but I also love to experiment with mini- loaf recipes packed with delicious new flavors.

My latest venture is a Sweet Cornbread spiked with a generous smattering of flavorful Wild Blueberries.


Wild Blueberries are a neat surprise to have around the holidays, since people typically think that blueberries are merely a summer fruit. One of the great things about Wild Blueberries is that you can enjoy them all year round because they are flash frozen, within 24 hours of harvest locking in their nutrition and flavor. You can pick them up in the freezer section of most supermarkets – even Trader Joe’s has them!


Wild Blueberries are also smaller in size when compared to regular blueberries, which means you’ll get more berry in each bite compared to regular blueberries. Because they have twice the antioxidants of cultivated blueberries, Wild Blueberries also provide more intense blueberry flavor to my sweet cornbread recipe. Yes, higher nutrition equates to more flavor! Cool, huh? Wild Blueberries are tasty little super-fruits that Mother Nature has perfected over 10,000 years. I’ve only been perfecting my mini loaf recipes for a decade or so, but I think this one is definitely worthy of those sweet-tart gems.


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