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Going Green – An Interview with Candice Kumai

We were lucky to catch California food influencer Candice Kumai this week for a quick interview before she boarded a plane to promote her new book, Clean Green Drinks. Candice is an author, chef, TV talk show host, regular judge on the Food Network, and a contributing editor at Shape Magazine. She has been a featured guest on The Dr. Oz  Show, The Today Show, CBS Early Show, and the Food Network.
By age 15, Candice had traveled across America as a fashion model. By age 30, she had written and developed recipes for more than a half-dozen cookbooks, including New York Times bestseller Cook Yourself Thin. Today, Candice lives in Los Angeles, where she has just published her third book. She’s a delightful, beautiful, and funny person, who is driven to inspire the next generation of people to live healthy lives.

1.     We are excited to see your new book Clean Green Drinks. What was the inspiration for the book?
Photography by Evi Abeler
I love to inspire young women and my readers to live a nutritious, fresh and delicious life! Thus Clean Green Drinks seemed like the perfect choice. Plus, I’ve always promoted “clean eating.” You simply have to stop eating processed junk food and eat real food — from the soil. Eventually, your body will see and feel all of the benefits.
     2.     How long have you been an advocate of clean green drinks?
I started making smoothies in L.A. about ten years ago. I was a fitness/print model for a decade and I always needed an easy and quick way to stay slim and full. It was a pretty organic fit and it still works!
     3.     It seems like you’re a big supporter of Wild Blueberries as a superfruit. What do you love most about Wild Blueberries? 
I love their tart taste! They’re simply a total superberry. Why would I drink a blend with regular ol’ blueberries when I can get a delicious superberry with more antioxidants, more vitamins, and more nutrients!       
4.     We found a bunch recipes in your new book that make use of Wild Blueberries, so we know you must be a huge fan. What’s your favorite?
The Lemon Wild Blueberry Bliss. I am drinking it right now! It makes me feel like a million bucks! The taste is superior. It’s like drinking a blueberry milkshake. Full of spinach, antioxidants, vitamins, and protein! Also, extras like Spirulina don’t hurt, I recommend everyone try Clean Green Drinks for your health, happiness, and a life you’ve always imagined.
5.     We noticed a lot of almond milk and coconut waters in your blueberry drinks?  Do they combine well together? 
Coconut water is refreshing and naturally full of electrolytes. It’s accessible — it’s kind of exciting! It’s something new for people to work with. As for almond milk, I like the consistency and taste of almond milk. I think it’s superior to dairy and it’s easy for all bodies to digest.
6.     Other than a healthy diet what are your other keys to a healthy life?
Exercise, mental health, meditation, making time for me, spending time with great friends & family. lots of sleep, and water! In that exact order.
7.     Are there foods/beverages that you intentionally avoid?

Yes, processed foods! Cut them out of your life. Eat clean and real again!

For some of Candice’s favorite Wild Blueberry “Clean Green Drinks” recipes visit the Wild Blueberry website for these 5 fantastic recipes.

The Lemon Wild Blueberry Bliss
The Lavender Wild Blueberry
The Wild Blueberry Super-Immunity Booster
The Wild Blueberry Protein Power Shake
The Wild Blueberry Detox Blend

For a chance to win a copy of Clean Green Drinks, visit us on Facebook – we’re giving away 4 copies this month. 
Or go directly to Amazon, and get your own copy of this fabulous new book.


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