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Got the Nutrition Blahs? Celebrate the Smoothie!

Even Martha Stewart claims to eat a spinach smoothie every morning to keep her looking and feeling fabulous. It seems everyone has their own personal secret recipe for health and longevity in their blender. Why does the smoothie have such a hold on us when it comes to nutrition?

There are a multitude of answers to why the smoothie is held in such deliciously high esteem. First, smoothies are well known for the punch of antioxidants, protein and vitamins that they can contain all in one little glass. Smoothies mask a multitude of not-so-pleasant munching experiences (such as spinach or tofu in the morning). They slurp down easy, especially when we’re time challenged. And while they are beloved in the summer for their capacity to be chilled or even frozen, they are truly a seasonless indulgence that many – nutritionists and foodies alike – enjoy every single day.

What’s more, smoothies can be made delicious with a little bit of fruit, and they typically get their fantastic tastes – from mellow to tropical – from servings of  healthful fruits and vegetables. That means daily serving requirements can be easily met. They also thrive on calcium-busting additives such as yogurt or skim milk, and even those who go dairy free have no trouble using dairy alternatives in their smoothies.

But perhaps the smoothie’s best advantage is that it is never boring. A little this and a little that, and presto, the perfect mouthwatering combination. With so many options, one can have a different smoothie every day of the year, in every color of the rainbow! (And besides, who doesn’t love drinking something blue?)

So, fire up a blender and celebrate the Smoothie! Here’s a couple of places to start:

Martha Stewart has a rainbow of smoothie recipes from carrot-mango to banana yogurt.

Care to experiment with Cucumber Apple Smoothie? It’s out there for you.

Wild Blueberries make smoothies that bust at the seams with antioxidant benefits. Try a basic but elegant Wild Blueberry Smoothie, or mix up a Blueberry-Banana Smoothie from James Joseph’s book The Color Code.

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