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Green Days: National Salad Month Goes Blue!

Salads just aren’t what the used to be, and that’s a good thing. In fact, May is a month dedicated to salads – it’s National Salad Month, a perfect time to take a close look at your big bowl of greens and make sure it represents this brave new world. Today, the best salads are enlivened with colors and tastes that give them a whole new dimension. What was once just a way to get a serving or two is now an integral part of contemporary cuisine.

You know the advantages: salads are filling, fibrous and interesting to eat, and they incorporate a variety of veggies and fruits with such ease that it makes it almost impossible not to eat from the rainbow. And now, something sweet and delicious has become a new salad staple, as much so as a leaf of romaine or a slice of tomato. That something is wild blueberries. They turn up the volume on taste, turn sides into the main event, and provide superior nutrition at the same time.

Using wild is the key: the smaller size of wild blueberries means more berries in every bite for more taste and concentrated antioxidant power (twice the antioxidant capacity of cultivated blueberries). Nature also provided wild blueberries with a unique and delicious variety of sweet and tangy tastes that the larger cultivated berries simply can’t match, a real advantage when it comes to salads. They are the choice of chefs and home cooks for their versatility and ease of use as an ingredient in any recipe, especially those that start with a bed of greens. (They also make an incomparable vinaigrette. Keep a carafe in the fridge and serve it up on the fly.)

Ready to see what wild blues can do to take your greens from boring to bodacious? May provides the perfect opportunity for a long overdue journey into a new world of salad. Start tossing!

Wild Picks For Salad Month (or Anytime)

These recipes take salad to the height of taste and creativity, and thanks to frozen, every single one is seasonless – even those that call for fresh. Today’s wild blueberries are frozen within 24 hours of harvest at the peak of taste and nutritional goodness and available in the frozen fruit section of supermarkets across the country year round, making them as nutritious and delicious as those just picked – simply thaw and serve.

Wildly Simple 

  • Plating Up, the culinary blog of Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine may call this salad recipe The Blues for its combination of wild blueberries and blue cheese, but it provides nothing but happiness – it’s a perfect example of the superb pairings that can come from wild.
  • Gwenyth Paltrow isn’t just an actress, she’s a foodie of the first order, and in her newsletter goop she points out some of the best in the art of eating, among other things. This Blueberry Salad uses ricotta and cucumber and small, tasty wild blues to achieve minimalist salad perfection.

Blue Twist on the Traditional 

  • You’ll know this Waldorf Salad with Wild Blueberries salad by its celery, lettuce, apples, and walnuts, but its sweet variation is anything but traditional. Wild blues update this simple salad and make it sensational.
  • Caesar Salad with Wild Blueberries is classic, not common. This salad change-up creates the perfect flavor profile with its superfruit enhancement.
                               Salad Sensations
  • The Portland Press Herald pulled out all the stops when they highlighted some mouth-watering wild blue recipes from auspicious origins in Tried True and Blue this past month. It includes a blueberry salad from Five Fifty-Five that combines blueberry gastrique, granola crumble, and Champagne-blueberry vinaigrette – a superb salad experience!
  • Warm Asian Beef Salad with Wild Blueberries gives an Eastern twist to greens and puts so-called side dishes to shame.

Indulge In More Blue! WildBlueberries.com has plenty of ideas for using frozen fresh wild blueberries in salads, desserts, drinks and more.

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