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Guest Post: The Urban Mrs.

Fusing Food, Fun, & Wild Blueberries


This week, we’re happy to introduce you to Linda Tambunan, the force behind TheUrbanMrs.com, a blog about cooking simple, healthy dishes. The blog’s tagline, “Eat. Play. Love – Daringly Delicious” fits her perspective perfectly. It’s a place where Fridays usually have the adjective “Fun” and “Muffin Mondays” are a weekly occurrence. Her approach to cooking says it all: “to explore new flavors and leave the dishes unwashed.”

The self-proclaimed food enthusiast draws her inspiration from her upbringing in Asia spent hanging around her mother’s kitchen, and more recently from her own culinary experimentation in her San Francisco kitchen, thousands of miles from her childhood home. Her edible exploits, revealed in engaging narrative and visual documentation, are often interpretations of Asian-influenced dishes infused with West Coast style.

Many of Linda’s recipes reveal a love of fusion at their core, like this Turkey Empana and Chimichurri Sauce, a solution for Thanksgiving leftovers, these sweetly health-conscious Gluten-free Apple Cider Doughnuts, and the surprisingly appetizing Spam Pasta Salad, where two worlds collide deliciously. This week, she shares a recipe perfectly suited to Wild About Health. For these Wild Blueberry Cupcakes with Coffee Frosting, she says, “I rely heavily on the sweetness and colors of blueberry, hence this recipe is not as sweet as a regular cupcake,” and adds, “this is one of our family favorites”.

(Coffee Frosting Recipe is courtesy of AllRecipes.com.)

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