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Holiday Entertaining with Wild Blueberries

With Wild Blueberries available straight from the freezer year round – frozen fresh and always delicious – there is no reason to limit their use to summertime pies. This holiday season think about swapping out cranberries in favor of Wild Blueberries.
Frozen Wild Blueberries are a smaller more compact blueberry than the larger regular blueberries found in the produce section. They maintain their shape and texture much better in baking and cooking and deliver an intense blueberry flavor that their larger cultivated cousins simply can’t match. Their smaller size also means you always get more wonderful whole berries in every delicious bite. So for the “blueberriest” creations this holiday, make sure you give Wild Blueberries a try…. your taste buds, your family members and your guests will love you for it. 
We have pulled together a few party appetizer recipes that feature our favorite little blue berry. Your guests are sure to go wild for them!!
This recipe from Epicurious for Blueberry Hand Pies deserve the Wild ones. Extra bonus, no need for forks! Looking for a more elegant presentation, then try this recipe for Ice Cream Pie withWarm (Wild) Blueberry Sauce. This recipe might be perfect for an intimate dinner party or just dinner for two.
Creamy Blueberry Dip featuring Wild Blueberries is sure to be a hit. Serve in a bowl next to cut up vegetables and a sliced baguette.
These recipe for mini pizzas featuring some of our favorite berries is super simple to make, but the results sure do look fancy. If your party is during the first part of the day, apply this mini idea to a batch of pancakes or muffins featuring Wild Blueberries. Mini Wild Blueberry smoothie anyone? That might be just what the doctor ordered the morning after a big party.
Frozen Fresh Wild Blueberries are just as nutritious as fresh and you can use them right out of the freezer for most recipes — no thawing needed.

The Wild Blueberry website has more recipes for snacks and appetizers, and even Thanksgiving dishes  just go here to access them. https://www.wildblueberries.com/recipes/

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