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If You Read Only One Health Post, Read This One

In a scene from award-winning 1977 film Annie Hall, Alvy finds himself in a foreign world – a party in a very new age-y California. In it, a young actor named Jeff Goldblum is playing a character who is on the phone calling his meditation guru.

“I forgot my mantra,” he laments.

Perhaps you can relate. When it comes to your health, do you feel like you may have forgotten your mantra? No need to call your guru. Use this one:

Get your daily requirement of fruits and veggies.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, feeling good or battling a tough disease. This is one of the best things you’ll ever do for your health, well being, longevity, appearance and outlook. Let me repeat it:

Get your daily requirement of fruits and veggies.

If you do, you’ll be doing something that most people in America aren’t doing. And you’ll be walking around with a powerful secret that is doing amazing things for your body. Let’s do it together this time:

Get your … … … requirements of fruits and … … ….

Great job. Now, bring that mantra to fruition. Here’s how.

Know Your Fruit and Veggie Daily Intake

The amount of fruits and vegetables you need daily depends on caloric needs, which are determined by age, gender and activity level.

In order to fulfill your mantra, you’ll need to follow these four steps:

1. Find your demographic in the chart above.

2. Go to your local grocery and buy enough fruits and veggies of your choice. Remember all forms count.

3. Eat the daily requirement. Add them to a meal, eat them during the day, in the morning, or at night. Put them in a bag and bring them with you on the go.

4. Repeat.

Amazing things can happen when you start eating your daily requirements. It’s sort of the gateway to new thinking and new habits that can create transformation – just like any good mantra is meant to do.

Now, go change your life.

That’s it. It’s the most important post you’ll ever read when it comes to your health, and the best four things you can do to start a new healthy life. Now, you can stop reading.

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