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In the Field with Wild Blueberry Farmer Greg Bridges

In Maine, Eastern Canada and Quebec the Wild Blueberry crop is about to hit peak ripeness. Wild About Health made a trip into the fields with third generation Maine Wild Blueberry farmer Greg Bridges to check in on this year’s crop.

In 2012, Wild Blueberry production in Maine totaled 90.1 million pounds. So far, this year’s crop is looking good.
A mechanical harvester at work. While farmers like Greg Bridges still rake much of the crop by hand, mechanical harvesters are necessary to help harvest the crop on time.
A family affair! Bridges’ son and son-in-law operate this harvester.
Bridges is proud of his family’s heritage as Wild Blueberry farmers. Here he admires some of the crop.
These Wild Blueberries will likely find their way into pies, pancakes, muffins, and smoothies before the year is out.

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