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Major Health Symposium to Demystify Healthy Choices

The general public is invited to join health professionals, media, and some of the “stars” of health –  including keynote health doc Dr. Mehmet Oz – to explore how “food and lifestyle choices affect overall health and well being during each phase of life” at the Food for Your Whole Life Health Symposium.  The Symposium will be held on June 6-7 at the Grand Hyatt NYC, and is open to health professions, the media, and the general public.

This gathering of great minds in health and nutrition comes at time when confusion about portion control, food choices and labeling is high among consumers. Part of the Symposium’s goal is to begin to whittle away at these knowledge gaps by providing education to the public and providing guidance for health professionals upon which the public depends.

The Food for Your Whole Life Health Symposium will feature internationally-recognized researchers, clinicians, educators and health experts, with the goal of providing the most current information about nutrition and healthy living by presenting the latest research on age-based nutrition for optimal health. You can view the list of presenters confirmed to date.

An Education in Health – in NYC! 

While part of the symposium is specifically for health professionals, the public forum to be held on Sunday, June 6 is open to all who want to participate. Sunday’s star-studded line up includes presentations by Dr. Oz, Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. David Katz, as well as exhibits, presentations, cooking demonstrations and exercise sessions. It’s a perfect opportunity to begin to lay your own foundation for good health, and procure clear, relevant advice for living healthy and caring for a healthy family, too.

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