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One More Reason to Love a Veggie

It’s the season for putting fall veggies like zucchini to use…in any way possible.

According to recent media reports, when a Missouri Montana woman was forced to fend off a 200-pound bear that was attacking her dog, she reached for the closest thing she had – a large zucchini that she grew in her garden. Using the cudgel-shaped edible, she succeeded in saving her dog and herself from this too-close-for comfort encounter.

Healthy weapon or weapon of health? A representative versatile zucchini.

While large veggies can double as defenders against hearth and home, you may prefer to put yours to more traditional use. Try this Zucchini Quiche from Taste of Home to defend your health with veggies in a less violent way. (And keep another one handy, just in case. ) 

We know you got ’em. What do you do with ’em? From chocolate cake to tacos, here’s some easy ways to spend your garden capital: page through endless zucchini recipe ideas from About.com, or peruse the Top Zucchini Recipes from AllRecipes, for a start.

Fall Fix for Fresh

We know frozen fruits and veggies are a godsend. They are just as nutrition as fresh if not more, they do away with waste, and they are easily accessible all year round.

But it’s still hard to say goodbye to the unique thrill of bringing fresh food  into the kitchen that has dirt still stuck to the leaves. Organic Authority always has a unique take on the world of organic food, including healthy recipes, tips for the eating chic table, and kitchen gardening. They urge us to explore the world of lettuce, baby carrots, eggplant — even bananas — in our own homes throughout the winter by focusing on 12 veggies that thrive indoors, don’t require lots of heat, and do fine in shallow pots. Green thumb optional.

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