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Got The Back-to-School Breakfast Blues?

If you’ve got kids (or are in school yourself), chances are the beginning of the school year brings feelings of excitement, but also a little wistfulness. Long lazy summer days have turned into hectic school days. How to get back into a routine? A healthy (and tasty) breakfast is a… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Best Blends – Easy Grab and Go Wild Blueberry Breakfast Smoothies

By now all the kiddos are back in school and if your mornings are like mine – they often feel rushed and chaotic no matter how much planning gets done the night before. I have two teenage daughters still at home and most mornings they are hitting snooze over and… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Go Raw this Summer with this Simple Summer Gazpacho Recipe

One summer a few years back I fell in love with raw food. I’ve always been a salad girl but I had no idea there were so many delicious and flavorful ways to enjoy raw food. I spent hours and hours reading the (limited) research available on the health benefits… Read More


Family-Friendly Workout + Wild Blueberry Yogurt Pop Recipe

As a mom, I truly believe in the importance of teaching your kids the value of physical activity from a young age. My son is only 9 months old and he’s already spent countless hours watching me workout. He’s so used to hearing barbells drop that he doesn’t even flinch… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Keep Cool with Summer Sips: Sparkling Wild Blueberry Lemonade

The rising heat means it’s more important than ever to load up on fluids! In addition to keeping all of our cells healthy, staying adequately hydrated can support a healthy complexion, banish colds, and improve joint health. But guzzling water isn’t the only way to maintain hydration. Most fruits and… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Wild Blueberries Have No GMO’s…They’re WILD!

Wild Blueberries: One of the few plants in the world that has never been altered by man. The topic of GMO’s has been ramping up in the news, in supermarket aisles, and over breakfast tables lately. And it seems to have reached a fevered pitch. Food giant General Mills recently… Read More


Quick & Quiet Nap Time Workout + Homemade Wild Blueberry Mini-Muffin Recipe

Are you a new or young mom? Are there days when getting a workout in seems impossible? Inevitably there will be days when you can’t so much as leave the house, much less make it to the gym. Scheduling conflicts, your spouse working late and bad weather are just a… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Delicious No Bake Mini Wild Blueberry Cream Pies, Just in Time for Summer

I have a vague memory of a cake my mom used to make when I was a kid. It’s one of those food memories where you can remember the taste so well, but you have no idea how it was made or even all of the ingredients. My Grandma called… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Why Our Food is Getting Blander…But Wild Blueberries Aren’t

Food writer Mark Schatzker’s new book, “The Dorito Effect: The Surprising Truth about Flavor and Food,” is getting some rave reviews and a lot of online chatter about food taste. He’s also created a cool 2-minute animated video that’s worth checking out. According to Schatzker, it seems that since the… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Men’s Health Week: Three Top Nutrition Tricks for Guys

Hey guys, it’s all about you this month! It’s not only Men’s Health Month, it’s Men’s Health Week (June 15-21)! What better time than now to give your nutritional health a little attention? After all, the links between diet and health apply to both women and men. Yet, according to… Read More

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