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Wild Products: FIORE Maine Wild Blueberry Reserve Balsamic Vinegar

The Wild Blueberry team is always on the lookout for delicious new products that feature our beloved berry. Because more and more products are being made with Wild Blueberries, we want to share our fabulous finds with you. First on the share list is FIORE Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars’… Read More

Health & Nutrition

3 Wild Antioxidant Rich Spring Salads and a Vinaigrette

It’s finally spring, which means salad season has arrived. Before you find yourself in a rut – add some new flavors and combinations to enjoy this year. Adding frozen Wild Blueberries, which have twice the antioxidants of ordinary blueberries, will make your tasty seasonal green creations nutrient and antioxidant-rich. Antioxidants… Read More

Health & Nutrition

On This Earth Day: Eat Wild

Of all the commemorative days (and there are many), Earth Day holds special meaning, probably because, unlike some of the less significant, inconsequential ones – Singles Awareness Day or National Doughnut Day – Earth Day applies to everyone. Celebrated each year at the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere (and… Read More


Easy One-Pan Dinner: Wild Blueberry Glazed Shrimp Stir Fry

Spring is without a doubt one of the busiest times for families, and my house is no different! As the weather gets warmer, my focus shifts to spending as many daylight hours outside rather than in the kitchen, and that means super quick dinner meals are in order. This Wild… Read More


5 Delicious Spring and Easter Recipes

Today is the first day of Spring. For those of us here in the Northeast, spring is a welcome sight after a long, cold and snowy winter. It brings with its color, rebirth, and joy. Flowers begin to emerge from the earth, baby animals are born on local farms, and… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Freezing Boosts the Nutrition of Wild Blueberries

March is National Frozen Food Month making it the perfect month to celebrate frozen Wild Blueberries. Recent research shows that frozen berries offer more health-helping antioxidants than fresh blueberries. And in case you didn’t know, 99% of the Wild Blueberry crop is frozen 24 hours after harvest, locking in taste and nutrition. The South… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Healthy Antioxidant-Rich Recipe: Matcha Wild Blueberry Bran Muffins

Happy March! Did you know that March is both National Nutrition Month and Frozen Food Month?! To celebrate, I’m sharing the recipe for these Matcha Wild Blueberry Bran Muffins that are packed with antioxidants, whole grains, fiber, and more, and make use of my favorite frozen fruit: Wild Blueberries. Wild… Read More

Health & Nutrition

5 Reasons to Buy Frozen Fruits and Veggies + Wild Blueberry Buddha Recipe

You may remember the saying, “Fresh is best.” You might even still believe it! But thanks to a growing body of research on the nutrition benefits of produce we now know that fresh produce isn’t any better than frozen. In honor of National Frozen Food Month this March, we’re going… Read More

Health & Nutrition

February is All About the Heart: Wear Red and Add Blue to Your Plate

February is all about the heart. There’s Valentine’s Day – a day dedicated to outwardly expressing our love with gifts, flowers and special words – and February is Heart Health Month, too. A time when the American Heart Association wants us all to remember to take care of our hearts…. Read More

Health & Nutrition

Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Recipe that Will Make You Fall in Love

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the people you love, but it’s also a time to be good to your heart! Most of us think of heart-shaped chocolates, homemade cookies, and other treats when we think of Valentine’s Day, but not every heart-shaped treat has to put heart health… Read More

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