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Healthy Antioxidant-Rich Recipe: Matcha Wild Blueberry Bran Muffins

Happy March! Did you know that March is both National Nutrition Month and Frozen Food Month?! To celebrate, I’m sharing the recipe for these Matcha Wild Blueberry Bran Muffins that are packed with antioxidants, whole grains, fiber, and more, and make use of my favorite frozen fruit: Wild Blueberries. Wild… Read More

Health & Nutrition

5 Reasons to Buy Frozen Fruits and Veggies + Wild Blueberry Buddha Recipe

You may remember the saying, “Fresh is best.” You might even still believe it! But thanks to a growing body of research on the nutrition benefits of produce we now know that fresh produce isn’t any better than frozen. In honor of National Frozen Food Month this March, we’re going… Read More

Health & Nutrition

February is All About the Heart: Wear Red and Add Blue to Your Plate

February is all about the heart. There’s Valentine’s Day – a day dedicated to outwardly expressing our love with gifts, flowers and special words – and February is Heart Health Month, too. A time when the American Heart Association wants us all to remember to take care of our hearts…. Read More

Health & Nutrition

Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Recipe that Will Make You Fall in Love

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the people you love, but it’s also a time to be good to your heart! Most of us think of heart-shaped chocolates, homemade cookies, and other treats when we think of Valentine’s Day, but not every heart-shaped treat has to put heart health… Read More


Big Game Appetizer and Dessert Recipes that Will Make You Go Wild

The Big Game is fast approaching and no matter which side you’re cheering for, whipping up delicious fare is usually a top priority for anyone hosting a party. So, while the warriors on the field face off, make sure you’re serving up touchdown worthy food. Here are five Wild Blueberry… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Fight Flu Season with Immune-Boosting Wild Blueberry Smoothies

Cold and flu season arrived early this year and it has already been a bad one. Experts are calling it the worst flu season in years. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), all U.S. states except for Hawaii are under siege and reporting widespread flu activity. And relief… Read More

Health & Nutrition

2018 Food Trends to Inspire Your Smoothie Making Routine

Whole Foods recently unveiled the hottest food trends for 2018. The two trends we’re most excited about are floral flavors and super powders because they pair well with delicious and healthy frozen Wild Blueberries. Floral ingredients, including whole flowers, petals and infused botanical flavors, will be used in everything from… Read More


Ring in the New Year and a New You with this Wild Blueberry Cauliflower Smoothie

As we start preparing for the end of one year and the beginning of another, we are bombarded with messages of setting New Year’s resolutions, trying the newest fad diet and hitting the gym every day. Under the surface of these seemingly “health-promoting messages” is an unspoken notion that we… Read More


Celebrate the Holidays with this Wild Blueberry Champagne Cocktail

It’s December, and that means it’s officially time for your weekends to be booked with holiday parties, social events or get-togethers! This year, I’ve got a few of my favorite Wild Blueberry recipes on deck, because I’m  always looking for ways to add a little anti-inflammatory, antioxidant goodness into my… Read More


Fast, Fancy & Flavorful Holiday Appetizer: Wild Blueberry & Brie Pastry Bites

The holiday season is upon us once again, and you know what that means: holiday parties! I love hosting holiday parties at my house. My girlfriends and I get super into it. We carefully craft the menu and the cocktails (and of course what we’re wearing!). We keep the menu… Read More

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