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Savory Wild Blueberry Pizza with Cauliflower Crust

Cauliflower is like soooooo hot right now. Like cauliflower is the new kale hot. I mean, have you seen what people are doing in the kitchen with this vegetable lately? It’s pretty amazing. From cauliflower mashed potatoes, to cauliflower rice to cauliflower wings, I’ve seen it all. Heck, I’ve made… Read More

In the Barrens

8 Go-To Healthy and Delicious Wild Blueberry Smoothie Recipes from 8 Registered Dietitians

Recently, we took a small group of remarkably, dedicated food and nutrition bloggers from around the United States, on our fourth annual Wild Blueberry Harvest Tour, a three-day exploration of the Wild Blueberry Barrens in Maine. During that time, they received a whirlwind introduction to the nutritious and flavorful world… Read More


Breakfast Recipe: Toasted Oat Parfait with Caramelized Wild Blueberries

I usually put my breakfasts on autopilot. I’m one of those people who can eat the same thing every day with no complaints. But I like to get more creative and add new breakfast ideas to the mix when my daughter Norah heads back to school. She isn’t as excited… Read More


5 Bite-Sized Recipes for Your Summer “Send Off” Celebration

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day is this weekend. For many of us that means time to go back-to-school and the end of carefree summer days. If you’re planning to “send off” summer this weekend with a Labor Day gathering or party, try an appetizer-only or “small bites” food… Read More


Impress Your Family with This Easy, Dairy-Free, Wild Blueberry Soft Serve

Summer is in full swing and so are the vacations, parties and backyard barbecues. I don’t know about you, but by mid-August, I tend to crave lighter dishes and desserts. I love ice cream and sweets as much as the next girl, but I also really appreciate a healthy dessert… Read More


Wild Blueberry Pie Recipe

I distinctly remember the first time I had Wild Blueberry pie. It was the summer before my freshman year of high school, and my family took a vacation to Bar Harbor, Maine (home of the Wild Blueberry barrens I got to tour a couple years ago!). I grew up in… Read More

Health & Nutrition

When Frozen Beats Fresh in Nutrition

It’s a nutrition question that’s plagued healthy eaters since the first frozen fruits and vegetables were marketed in 1930: are frozen foods as nutritious as their fresh counterparts? While I certainly won’t deny that fresh foods can be nutritious, I’m also not a blind believer of the “fresh is best”… Read More


Wild and Healthy Salad for Summer Cookouts: Wild Blueberry Zoodle Bowl

We are well into summer, and that means you’ve most likely attended a few BBQs and picnics, and made and brought along your favorite potluck picnic recipe to share with friends. I love introducing you to new, healthy dishes, and I know you’ll want to add this Wild Blueberry Zoodle… Read More


5 Wild Blueberries and Ice Cream Recipes that Celebrate Summer

July in Maine is truly a glorious thing. For one, the weather is usually at its very best, and people are out enjoying all the state has to offer, from the cool, blue ocean to the top of Cadillac Mountain, and all in between. It’s also National (WILD) Blueberry Month,… Read More

Giveaways & Other News

Have a Wild Blue Summer – and win a NutriBullet PRO!

Summer is here! The kids are out of school, the sun is shining and we’ve (finally) unpacked our summer wardrobe. While we enjoy relaxing by the water, be it a pool, lake, river or pond, many of us are also looking for creative ways to keep ourselves and the kids… Read More

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