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Wild Blueberries Making a Name for Themselves in China

When it comes to Wild Blueberry Research, one of the leading experts in Maine is Dr. Vivian Chi-Hua Wu. Dr. Wu is Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Maine, where she directs the Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory for research in microbiology, food safety and functional food…. Read More

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Are You Fiber Deficient? Here’s One Easy Way to Fill Your Bowl.

A simple breakfast of cereal and milk is a staple for many people—and for good reason. Not only is it quick, easy and tasty, this classic morning combo has a good nutritional profile as well, providing plenty of vitamins and minerals, some protein and some fiber. About that fiber… According… Read More

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7 Tips for Packing the Perfect Lunch Box from Registered Dietician Liz Weiss

It’s back-to-school season and that means packing lunches, again! For many parents, packing the lunchbox can send the heart into nervous palpitations. But for registered dietitian Liz Weiss, it’s an art form. After reading her lunchbox ideas, your anxiety will magically transform into inspiration. Liz is an award-winning broadcast journalist,… Read More

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Go Wild for Wild Blueberry Ice Cream!

Guest Blogger and Registered Dietitian Lindsay Livingston from The Lean Green Bean has sent us yet another tasty recipe that is sure to impress friends and family this coming Labor Day Weekend. Her newest Wild Taste of Summer recipe is a really fun way to get some antioxidants into your… Read More

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Blogger Spotlight: Lindsay Livingston of the Lean Green Bean

Lindsay Livingston who writes the Lean Green Bean is one of our favorite bloggers. Lindsay is a Registered Dietitian and is passionate about nutritious and healthy living. On her blog she creates and shares simple and healthy recipes, nutrition tips, information about her workout routine and a little about her… Read More

Health & Nutrition

A Red, White & Wildly Blue Dessert for July 4th

We have another wildly delicious recipe from Guest Blogger and Registered Dietitian Lindsay Livingston from The Lean Green Bean for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. Check back often all summer long as Lindsay will be sharing many more inspiring recipes using Wild Blueberries. Growing up, 4th of July was… Read More

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Give Dad Something Wild This Father’s Day:

Wild Blueberry & Spinach Turkey Burgers by Lindsay Livingston Guest Blogger and Registered Dietitian Lindsay Livingston from The Lean Green Bean shares a recipe that will be a great addition to your Father’s Day festivities this weekend. It’s a little something Wild for all the great dads out there that… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Going Green – An Interview with Candice Kumai

We were lucky to catch California food influencer Candice Kumai this week for a quick interview before she boarded a plane to promote her new book, Clean Green Drinks. Candice is an author, chef, TV talk show host, regular judge on the Food Network, and a contributing editor at Shape… Read More

Health & Nutrition

How to Get the Most out of Frozen Berries…. Especially the Wild Ones!

To all our Wild Blueberry lovers, we recently read a great article in Zester Daily called “6 Healthy Ways to Get the Most Out of Frozen and Dried Berries.”  Zester is an award-winning online destination whose mission is to promote spirited, intelligent dialogue about what we eat and drink. We… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Treat Her With Love on Mother’s Day

…and maybe with a Wild Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Sundae Too!   Mother’s Day is around the corner, which means that husbands, sons, and daughters around the world are preparing to share some special affection, gratitude, and fondness for the moms and grandmothers in their lives.   For some, this means… Read More

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