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More Great Wild Blueberry Recipes to Love… Part II: Recipes from the Recipe ReDux Challenge

In our last blog post, we shared some recipes from members of the Recipe ReDux who we challenged earlier this year to create healthy recipes highlighting the unique flavor of Wild Blueberries. The Recipe ReDux, founded by registered dietitians, is the first an only recipe challenge of its kind and its… Read More

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Who loves recipes with Wild Blueberries?! We have a treat for you!

For more Wild Blueberry recipes, and additional research about their incredible health benefits, visit www.wildblueberries.com.  Read More

Health & Nutrition

Frozen Fruit is Cool! It’s Great Tasting, Nutritious and Convenient

Eating right is important to every one’s health and wellness year-round. During the winter months, purchasing “fresh” produce can be limited. And if you do buy fresh, most likely many of the fruits and vegetables are out of season and have traveled thousands of miles to arrive at your local… Read More


Your Heart Will Love Wild Blueberries!

New Research Shows Wild Blueberries Have Potential to Improve Heart Health Wild Blueberries are already easy to love – but now there’s yet another reason to keep those tiny, delicious berries close to your heart. Researchers at the University of Reading (UK), the University of Dusseldorf (Germany) and the University… Read More

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Wild Blueberries: A Superfood for Super Babies

A Conversation with SuperFoods Rx For Pregnancy author Dr. Steven Pratt   Wild Blueberries recently joined New York Times best-selling author (and dad of 7) Dr. Steven Pratt, in New York City to help launch his new book SuperFoods Rx for Pregnancy, The Right Choices for a Healthy, Smart Super… Read More

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A conversation with Dr. Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, Professor and Researcher Studying Health Effects of Wild Blueberries

Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, PhD is a Professor of Clinical Nutrition in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Maine’s School of Food and Agriculture.  She has been there for 25 years. In 2001, she began studying Wild Blueberries, because they are an excellent source of manganese,… Read More

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Feel the Burn: Combining Wild Blueberries and Exercise

No matter if you are a serious athlete, or are just beginning to exercise, chances are you are looking for a way to achieve a better workout. Adding the tiny, potent Wild Blueberry with its delicious taste and twice the antioxidant power of regular, cultivated blueberries to any training regimen… Read More

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Go With Your Gut

New Research Shows Wild Blueberries Promote Better Digestion  There are already so many reasons to love Wild Blueberries – from flavor to all important antioxidants to fiber. But according to recent research conducted by scientists at the University of Maine’s School of Food and Agriculture there’s yet another reason to… Read More

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Drink to Your Health!

5 Fabulous Superfoods that are Perfect for Smoothies Photo Courtesy of Alaska from Scratch Photo courtesy of The Law Student’s Wife Photo Courtesy of Eat Good 4 Life And if you want more delicious superfood recipes, Wildblueberries.com is full of tasty ideas for smoothies, snacks, salads, desserts and more! Read More

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Build A Healthy Plate

MyPlate Takes Its Healthy Eating Message Viral  MyPlate is on a mission. This colorful little icon – the visual reminder that each meal we eat should include food groups in designated portions – is looking to turn our less-than-healthy plates into vibrant, healthful ones – in short, to help us… Read More

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