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Dr. Daniel Nadeau Has an Important Health Message

The Diabetes Expert Explains How Food Choices Lead to Big Changes   There aren’t a lot of people who believe in the power of healthy living as much as Daniel Nadeau, M.D. One reason? He’s seen it. As a clinician, in his work with patients, as Medical Director of the… Read More

Health & Nutrition

July 4th: Big Day for a Small Berry

Wild blueberries and the 4th of July – few other foods do such heavy lifting when we’re feeling patriotic. This deeply loved fruit is bursting with healthful antioxidants that have dominated the news for their role in preventing cognitive decline, and even more recently, their potential to lower cholesterol. But the best thing about… Read More

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Summer Foods Adopt a Blue Hue

Wild Blueberries Create New Traditions in Seasonal Fare Right now, wild blueberry barrens throughout Maine and Nova Scotia are being fertilized and closely checked for growth and pests as farmers anticipate the coming harvest season. Around here, it seems like everyone has wild blueberries on their mind. Of course, there’s… Read More

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Five Very Unexpected Benefits of Eating Fruits & Vegetables

  by  Nina Matthews Photography  Eating fruits and vegetables – widely across the color spectrum – can yield tremendous benefits when it comes to our health and disease prevention efforts. But there are some advantages to eating deeply colored, antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies that may not be on our radar. You can… Read More

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Brainberries: Heralding a Major Health Message

Heard about the berry-brain connection? Strong scientific evidence continues to reinforce the connection between berries and health. It’s led some to call these high-nutrition berries “brainberries”, the latest moniker for potent berries like blueberries and strawberries that, when integrated into a daily diet, may help preserve and protect the brain… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Brain Palace: TEDMED Shares 2012 Video

The 2012 TEDMED Conference, modeled after the famed TED talks, gathered thinkers and doers from around the world this past April to share exciting ideas and innovations in the fields of health and medicine. Some videos from the conference, which was held at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and… Read More

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Latest Health News: Healthy Eating is Affordable

by  Pink Sherbet Photography  A recent study about nutrition is making a lot of headlines this month. The news is not so much a nutritional breakthrough as a rethinking of an old idea. While some consider the USDA study just a new way to crunch nutritional data, it may contribute to… Read More

Health & Nutrition

He Said, She Said: Is Eating Any Type of Fruit & Vegetable Good For Health?

By many accounts, the American diet is in crisis. Our plates and portions are oversized, and our fat, sugar, and salt intake is stratospheric. Only a few of us, it seems, are getting the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables – as low as 11% according to some studies. But… Read More

Health & Nutrition

From Stress to Bliss

An Interview with The Slim, Calm, Sexy Diet Author Keri Glassman – & New Video! Keri Glassman says she was born to do exactly what she is doing today. Even in seventh grade, the author and founder of Nutritious Life™ had nutrition on her mind. “My childhood friend tells me… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Blueberries May Preserve Brain Health: How A New Study Affects You

Blueberries have been honored with the “brain food” label for some time — even before we understood exactly what was meant by the term. For nutritionists, researchers, doctors, and even the layperson, it was clear that blueberries, especially the small, nutrient-dense wild blueberry, had an effect on brain clarity, brain performance, memory, and motor skills. Through… Read More

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