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Wild Blueberries and Lifelong Brain Health—What the Science Shows

You try to eat well to nourish your body, but what about your brain? In general, incorporating an eating style that helps keep your brain sharp has certain characteristics: it’s low in fatty animal protein, higher in plant protein and legumes, rich in whole grains, and emphasizes healthy fats and seafood…. Read More

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What on Earth is an “Anthocyanin”?

If you’re an avid Wild Blueberry eater, chances are you’ve read or heard about how chock-full of antioxidants these tiny, potent berries are – but have you heard about their anthocyanins?  Pronounced “an-tho-sigh-a-nins”, these plant compounds are abundant in Wild Blueberries and give them their pretty purple-blue hue. A growing body of… Read More

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Why Frozen Wild Blueberries are Actually Fresher

When we see or hear the word “frozen” in front of different foods, we automatically think it’s not good for us or that those foods aren’t nutritious. In reality, many frozen foods – especially fruits and vegetables – may have more nutritious value than their fresh counterparts. For example, the… Read More


Eat Your Heart Out with Wild Blueberries

February marks Heart Health Month AND Valentine’s Day – what a perfect combo! If you’re looking to up the heart healthy ingredients in any of your dishes this month, we suggest adding a little “wild” blue to any meal. Why? Because not only do Wild Blueberries taste delicious, they’re also… Read More

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It’s Heart Month: Wear Red—But Eat Blue for Heart Health

We all know that red hearts are associated with Valentine’s Day, so it seems fitting that February is also designated as Heart Month. There’s even a “wear red” day (Feb 5) to help draw attention to heart disease—still a leading cause of death in both the U.S. and Canada. Heart Month is also meant to… Read More

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Prioritize Brain Health in 2021 with Wild Blueberries

Happy New Year from all of us at the Wild Blueberry Association of North America! As many of you tackle the first few weeks of 2021, you may have big expectations about what this year will hold and the goals you’ll achieve. Whether that’s working towards new career goals, getting… Read More

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Four Tips to Host a Wildly Successful Thanksgiving Dinner During a Pandemic

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but with Halloween behind us, the holiday season is officially here (where does the time go?!). The holidays are always a special time for so many reasons – seeing loved ones, exchanging gifts, and, of course, eating good food. Despite this year looking a… Read More

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Baking with Brain Boosting Wild Blueberries

As many of us self-quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19, people are looking for ways to pass the time at home, while also curbing anxiety. One of the big trends emerging is baking (and lots of it).  Why, you ask? Well, baking can be extremely calming because it requires… Read More

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Eating an Anti-Inflammatory Diet with Wild Blueberries

We hear it every day – on TV, in magazines, on social media, etc. – that we need to take care of our bodies at all ages. We’re told to exercise, eat well, visit the doctor regularly, and treat our bodies with kindness, but there are so many resources available… Read More

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Wild About Brain Health Two-Part Series: Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As we all face ongoing challenges, we’re here to say that we’re WILD about caring for mental health and our brains. Now more than ever as we face this tough time in our own ways, it’s important to take care of your noggins. With… Read More

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