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Wild Blueberry Breakfast Favorites to Match Your Family’s Morning Regimen

September is Better Breakfast Month, and with fall creeping up on us and kids heading back to school, there’s no time like the present to celebrate the most important meal of the day. Many studies have linked eating breakfast to good health – it can help boost metabolism so you… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Wild Blueberries: They’re Called “Brain Berries” for a Reason

Over the years, Wild Blueberries have earned the nickname “brain berries,” and now, they can claim another scientific credit —improving cognitive performance in healthy, middle-aged adults. Couple this with the fact that wild blueberries are more flavorful than ordinary blueberries, and you can rest assured that starting your day with… Read More

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Celebrating Wild Foods Day with Wild Blueberries

As we transition to Fall, many of us are celebrating the foliage, cooler temperatures, apple picking, and pumpkin carving. However, one day that commemorates one of Maine’s most illustrious industries but often gets overlooked, is Wild Foods Day on October 28. Wild Foods Day celebrates plants, fruits, and vegetables that… Read More

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American Heart Month: How Wild Blueberries May Improve Heart Health

With heart disease-causing 1 in 4 US deaths each year, it’s considered the leading cause of mortality for both men and women across our country. With this overwhelming statistic in mind, it’s incredibly important to take care of your cardiovascular health, and what better time to renew the vow to… Read More

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The Best Addition to Your Grocery Cart: Frozen Wild Blueberries

The common perception is that food loses its natural taste and nutritional value once it’s frozen – but when it comes to Wild Blueberries, that’s not the case. Wild Blueberries are frozen at the peak of ripeness locking in their incredible taste and nutrition. If you didn’t know, 99% of… Read More

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Reasons to Love and Celebrate Nutritious, Frozen Foods

Can frozen foods be part of a healthy diet? You bet they can. Research has found that frozen food – especially vegetables and fruit – is just as good and even sometimes better – than fresh foods. That’s because veggies and fruits chosen for freezing are processed at their peak… Read More

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Does a healthy gut play any role in brain health?

In this, the second part of our Brain Health series, we take a look at the impact of the digestive system and fiber on brain health. (Read part one, Can What We Eat Help Our Brains as We Age?) Meet your microbiome All of us host a huge number of bacteria… Read More

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Wild Blueberries

Every week, we share delicious and interesting recipes to hopefully inspire you, along with interesting facts and health research about Wild Blueberries. Our goal is to help you understand what makes Wild Blueberries different from their cultivated cousins (because they are completely different) and to spark conversation about this healthy… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Can What We Eat Help Our Brains as We Age?

Do you forget where you placed your keys or have trouble remembering small details? Forgetfulness is a normal part of aging and may affect some of us more than others as we grow older. Unfortunately, for many of us —even if we are healthy now— a diagnosis of dementia could… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Make Way for Anthocyanins—the Power Behind the Purple

Chances are, you’ve read or heard about antioxidants before, but did you know the “new kid” on the berry health-promotion scene is a group of beneficial plant compounds called anthocyanins (pronounced an-tho-sigh-a-nins)? Although their presence in plants is not a new discovery, scientists have more recently begun to find that… Read More

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