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March is National Nutrition Month

Ready to Get Personal About Your Food Choices? This month, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics wants you to get personal about your food choices. Why? Because they say knowing and embracing your individual food style and preferences is one of the best ways to eat a healthy diet and… Read More


Win 5 Days of Food & Fun in Québec City!

Have a Wild Taste Adventure in the Land of Wild Blueberries February is the perfect time of year to dream about an exciting, relaxing vacation full of plenty of first-class cuisine and exploration in one of the most magical provinces in the world. It’s even better when the vacation is… Read More


Happy Halloween from Wild About Health!

Don’t Be Scared! Find Out Why a Bowlful of Candy Can Be A Good Thing today. Photo: pics on Sodahead Read More

Health & Nutrition

Wild Blueberry Shoulder Season: A Seamless Shift From Fresh to Frozen

“Shoulder season” is known to many in Maine and the Atlantic Provinces as the season to say goodbye to the last fresh local pint of wild blueberries. It refers to the time just after the height of the harvest and before the annual move into winter, and it marks a… Read More


New England Memories Are Incomplete Without Wild Blueberries

Sunny Jennings shares plenty of wonderful dishes on her blog Tantra Cooking. Tantra, a method of cooking that puts the focus on the process of making the meal, allows us to combine our passion for whole, healthy food with the personal relationships that truly sustain us.  Jennings says wild blueberries are… Read More


“Rick”: A Lost Term in Raking History

The term “rick” is in rare use today. It is most likely to be heard from the mouth of an “old timer” from Washington County referring to the long space between two lengths of twine that designates a raker’s area on the barrens. Sometimes you are lucky to get a… Read More


Downtown Machias Goes Wild in August

The 37th Annual Machias Wild Blueberry Festival is Just a Week Away, and It’s Bringing Pies, Art, Music (and a Wedding!) to Down East Maine. Nobody knows how to celebrate the wild blueberry harvest like the people of Down East Maine. Get ready to celebrate it with them! In Machias,… Read More


Fresh Maine Blueberries: A Summer Tradition

What is surprisingly small, startlingly tasty and only around once a year? It’s lowbush blueberries (known widely as  “wild ”), available in Maine and Nova Scotia exclusively during the special weeks of harvest season. If you live in the region, you’re lucky – you can enjoy one of nature’s most sensational… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Dr. Daniel Nadeau Has an Important Health Message

The Diabetes Expert Explains How Food Choices Lead to Big Changes   There aren’t a lot of people who believe in the power of healthy living as much as Daniel Nadeau, M.D. One reason? He’s seen it. As a clinician, in his work with patients, as Medical Director of the… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Brain Palace: TEDMED Shares 2012 Video

The 2012 TEDMED Conference, modeled after the famed TED talks, gathered thinkers and doers from around the world this past April to share exciting ideas and innovations in the fields of health and medicine. Some videos from the conference, which was held at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and… Read More

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