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This Halloween, Try These Made-from-Scratch Wild Blueberries Recipes

Halloween doesn’t have to be all candy bars and packaged foods. Remember the days when the best Halloween treats were handmade caramel-dipped apples and popcorn balls? If you’re entertaining this Halloween, then try bewitching your guests (young and old) with a few spooky, eye-catching treats, made entirely from scratch in… Read More


Celebrate Wild Foods Day with this Wild Blueberry & Mushroom Risotto Recipe

My mom’s birthday is coming up next month and I’m in charge of the food for the family dinner party. Of course I want to make something extra special to celebrate so I’m planning on making the theme something fun and unique…and a little wild (just like mom!). The star… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Make Way for Anthocyanins—the Power Behind the Purple

Chances are, you’ve read or heard about antioxidants before, but did you know the “new kid” on the berry health-promotion scene is a group of beneficial plant compounds called anthocyanins (pronounced an-tho-sigh-a-nins)? Although their presence in plants is not a new discovery, scientists have more recently begun to find that… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Add Wild Foods to Your Diet for an Easy Flavor and Nutrition Boost

As more and more people continue to be interested in where their food comes from, it’s no surprise that wild foods are gaining in popularity. Wild foods, like Wild Blueberries, have never been hybridized or modified by man to alter any of their natural attributes. They are not planted and… Read More


Go WILD with These 5 Recipes at Your Next Tailgating Event

We love cheering on our favorite football teams this time of year and even have some good-natured rivalries in the office. This year, we thought it would be fun to combine our favorite things: football, tailgating, and Wild Blueberries! We’ve selected five recipes that are perfect for noshing on while… Read More


Wild Products We Love: Chobani’s New “A Hint of Fruit” Yogurt Picks WILD!

Chobani, a food-focused wellness company and America’s leading Greek Yogurt brand, has turned to the WILD side with its recently released “Chobani® With a Hint of Wild Blueberry” yogurt. This new flavor is part of the company’s “Hint Of” Greek Yogurt line that is high in protein (12g) and low in… Read More


Healthy Wild Blueberry Homemade Pop Tarts

What better way to send the kids back to school than with homemade Wild Blueberry Toaster Tarts? These tarts are pretty much amazing! Not too sweet on their own, but literal perfection with the Wild Blueberry glaze drizzled on top. The filling is made with a delicious Wild Blueberry chia… Read More


4 Back-To-School Recipes that are Good for the Brain

For many kids across the country, the first week of school is already behind them and for others, it’s just around the corner. As you settle into the early morning routine and all the afterschool activities, we have some tasty and easy-to-make brain boosting Wild Blueberry recipes perfect for breakfast… Read More


Mix-in-the-Pan Back-to-School Wild Blueberry Snack Cake

The back-to-school season can be hard on everyone. It’s tricky for parents to get into the routine of rousing everyone out of bed, driving the morning carpool, and packing school lunches. And it’s not so easy on kids, either, who would rather be swimming in the town pool than focusing… Read More


Our Favorite New Wild Products

As consumers seek foods made with real ingredients, more and more manufacturers are realizing the value of Wild Blueberries, especially as the pursuit of real ingredients is bringing new product developers back to their ancestral roots. The Wild Blueberry has a unique story – from flavor, to health to its… Read More

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