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Growing Local: A Journey Through Maine & Its Food

Jennifer Mayo-Smith Talks to Wild About Health about Wild Blueberries, Sea Salt, and Maine’s Influential Role in Connecting Us with Our Food  When Jennifer Smith-Mayo started paying attention to how much food is produced in Maine, she said she was astonished.  “You can find most anything that you need, from fresh greens… Read More


Pinterest Shows Its True Blue Colors

A view of the many Pinterest boards devoted to blueberries and wild blueberries. The new social sharing site puts enthusiasts’ passions on display.  Whether you’re keeping tabs on the latest social media trends, or you’re an old-school scrapbooker, Pinterest is probably piquing your interest. Suddenly, this social sharing site is the talk of… Read More


Maine Author Teaches Benefits of Wild Blueberries

Gail J. VanWart and Blae at Peaked Mountain Farm. There’s something about being a Maine wild blueberry farmer that makes you want to spread the word about the unique fruit to which you have devoted your life. That’s just the way it is with Gail J. VanWart. Her most recent… Read More


Health.com Cites Wild Blueberries as Pick for Winter

Buy ’em frozen! Wild blueberries rescue winter nutrition, says Health.com. It’s a set-in-stone rule for cold-weather eating: fruit can rescue good nutrition in the winter months. We often don’t get the fruit requirements we need when the mercury drops, but frozen makes our favorite fruits available and as nutritious as… Read More

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Brainy, Skinny & Big on Blue: The Year’s Top 10 Wild About Health Blog Posts

What was your health and nutrition obsession in 2011? For many it was all about food synergy, while others preferred to focus on the harvest. This year’s most popular posts span the food and color spectrum – here’s a look at what you liked most at Wild About Health this… Read More


12 Wild Days of Blues Countdown Starts Today!

We’re counting down the holidays with 12 days of pure blue! By highlighting a wild blueberry, blueberry, or super healthy fruit-related holiday item every day until December 24th, we’re providing plenty of ways to have a Blue Christmas, Chanukah or any day that celebrates the season. Grab the sleigh reins,… Read More


Top Montreal Chef Makes a French Connection with a Wild Ingredient

Chef Jérôme Ferrer is a Montreal chef with a flair for creative, delicious food and a talent for distinctive use of market fresh produce. As Grand Chef at the celebrated Restaurant Europea, a true hot spot of creative, modern cuisine located in a luxurious Victoria Mansion in the heart of… Read More


Maine Chef Competition Spotlights Farm-to-Table

Harvest on the Harbor, the annual food and wine event that takes place right smack on the harbor in Portland, Maine, is putting the farm-to-table movement in the spotlight by searching out the best farm-to-table chef in this fall’s aptly named “Top of the Crop” competition. An extraordinary crop of local chefs… Read More


Quite Contrary: Green Roofs Take Gardens to the Heights

At the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Harbor, you can find plenty of lowbush blueberries in surprising places, but no more surprising than on this small-scale living roof. They’ve planted these blues up high – not to keep them from enthusiastic pickers (these “burgundy” blueberries are primarily ornamental) but to put… Read More


New! Harvest Pics From Down East Maine’s Wild Blueberry Barrens

Plus: What To Do With All That Blue? Awash in blue! In August, wild blueberry harvest season brings hundreds of workers to the fields, a sight that can only be witnessed in this region of the country. Washington County is home to half of Maine’s commercially harvested fields, and photographer/videographer Geoff Leighton was there for… Read More

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