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A Month of Fruits & Veggies: Real Help for the Serving Impaired

Tired of chewing the same old carrot stick in order to get a serving of veggies into your day? We know the feeling: with daily recommendations of fruits and vegetables coming in at 1 to 2½ cups (depending on your age and gender) getting your daily servings can seem daunting…. Read More

Health & Nutrition

Dear White Rice, It’s Over.

White rice, listen, it’s not you. It’s me. We’ve had some good times – the nights we shared Chinese take out together, those halcyon days when all I needed was a saucepan and a minute – but the fact is, we’ve grown apart. You had to know this was coming… Read More


Remembering Jim Joseph – Author, Scientist, Originator of the Power of Pigment

James A. Joseph, Ph.D., author and respected scientist and researcher, died suddenly this month. Joseph was a valued associate and friend of the Wild Blueberry Association of North America, and he will be sorely missed. A distinguished scientist with an outstanding record of achievement, Joseph contributions have had a major… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Don’t Overlook These 3 Green Leafies

When it comes to greens, the two adjectives to keep in mind are dark and leafy. Green leafies are the most concentrated source of nutrition compared head to head and calorie to calorie with most any food in your diet. It’s the dark color that provides the clues that phytonutrients… Read More

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Food For Your Whole Life Health Symposium Spreads Nutritional Love in NYC

Elizabeth Jarrard has blogged comprehensively at her blog Don’t (White) Sugar Coat It about her experience in New York City at the Food For Your Whole Life Symposium. She’s a healthy eating enthusiast who blogs about fruits and veggies, vegan eating, and all things that enhance your health and your… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Why You Should Know About Metabolic Syndrome

According to studies from the Journal of the American Medical Association, metabolic syndrome affects up to 25% of the American population. 25%. This startling statistic means that one in five people are experiencing significant health risks due to this condition. What is this insidious disease called metabolic syndrome, and why… Read More

Health & Nutrition

The Key to Your Heart: New Heart Health Guidelines Focus on Food, Not Nutrients

The International Food Information Council Foundation’s website Food Insight published an interesting interview recently with Dr. Rachel Johnson. Johnson is Dean and Professor of Nutrition at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Vermont, and member and chair-elect of the American Heart Association Nutrition Committee. She… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Is There a Dark Side to Dark Wine?

According to an article in Livestrong.com, resveratrol, the celebrated phytochemical, has a dark side. In a previous post, we broached the groundbreaking but incomplete research into resveratrol, the compound found in the skins of grapes and other foods. It has been the central reason for the excitement surrounding red wine… Read More


Hey, It’s Hot! Time For Cool Summer Recipes

Memorial Day has come and gone, prompting many to exclaim, “So soon?” While some people are quick to flip-flop, others have a hard time giving up their fleece. It’s time to face the fact that soon you’ll look out the window and see the neighborhood kids running through the sprinkler…. Read More

Health & Nutrition

Food Synergy: Nature’s Meal Plan

According to the results of a study from the Archives of Internal Medicine, eating just 2.4 ounces of nuts of any kind was associated with declines of 7.4 percent in bad cholesterol and about 5.1 percent in total cholesterol. Nuts, according to Dr. Joan Sabaté, a professor of nutrition at… Read More

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