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Major Health Symposium to Demystify Healthy Choices

The general public is invited to join health professionals, media, and some of the “stars” of health –  including keynote health doc Dr. Mehmet Oz – to explore how “food and lifestyle choices affect overall health and well being during each phase of life” at the Food for Your Whole… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Revisiting Resveratrol: Where are We with Red Wine Research?

The assertion about the astonishing benefits of red wine has caught fire in the health, nutrition and anti-aging communities. Researchers discovered that making a convivial toast can lower the risk of certain cancers and heart disease, and further research into the compounds in red wine revealed its role in reducing… Read More

Health & Nutrition

If You Read Only One Health Post, Read This One

In a scene from award-winning 1977 film Annie Hall, Alvy finds himself in a foreign world – a party in a very new age-y California. In it, a young actor named Jeff Goldblum is playing a character who is on the phone calling his meditation guru. “I forgot my mantra,”… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Antioxidant Superfruit or Super Supplements?

The more we know about antioxidants, the more we realize that a diet that provides plenty of them is an important defense against disease. However, these benefits may not hold for those taking supplements to get their antioxidants rather than relying on dietary antioxidants – those occurring naturally in foods… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Grow it! Healthy Eating is in Your Backyard

The White House did it. The Joneses started doing it last year. Even your sister-in-law who lives in a fifth floor walk-up in the city did it. You can do it too! Grow Your Own Garden, that is. It’s a near phenomenon that’s enjoying a surge in popularity. The world… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Pawl-ee-FEE-nol: Today’s Nutritional Buzzword?

Just twenty years ago we would have been hard pressed to find information about the little substance called the polyphenol, even in the most arcane scientific literature. Now, thanks to chemical research and nutritional science, polyphenols are turning up everywhere. What accounts for polyphenols going mainstream? Many things. But one… Read More

Health & Nutrition

What “Fast” Has Done to Us (and How to Fix it)

A recent Alternet article featured some intriguing new research that suggests that fast food makes individuals impatient and strengthens their desires to complete tasks as quickly. According to the study, exposure to fast food – thinking about it, eating it, ordering it, or simply seeing a fast food logo –… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Grim Alzheimer’s News Hides Hints of Hope

If you read the recent news concerning Alzheimer’s prevention, you know it led with less than hopeful headlines. Reports revealed that studies investigating measures of prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, such as antihypertensive drugs, omega-3 fatty acids, physical activity, and cognitive engagement, are so far proving to be ineffective. Those who… Read More

Health & Nutrition

A Belly Busting Berry? Bonus Bennies from Blues

“It’s About Your Belly…” It’s unlikely someone you know will take you aside and ask, “What’s up with your belly?” But even if your midsection is not the talk of the office, it doesn’t matter—you know when things are going downhill tummy-wise. If you’ve recently acquired a gut, muffin top,… Read More


Sell Your Superfoods! Think Like an Ad Man (or Woman) in Your Kitchen

This post from Summer Tomato, “Sell Your Family On Healthy Eating Using Descriptive Copy”, poses a perfectly fun idea for motivating yourself and your family to eat well, inspired by a study concerning the psychology of eating that we discussed here a few weeks ago.  It seems putting a little… Read More

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