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Don’t Stand By While Fruit Suffers: An Open Letter to the Frozen Fruit Industry and IQF Companies

To Whom it May Concern: The nutrition community and those committed to healthy eating are increasingly aware of the current enthusiasm for frozen fruit. Recently, in the “Science of Living a Healthy Life” issue of The New York Times Magazine, an ad touted the frozen obsession by stating that “Mother… Read More

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Anti-Aging Uncovered Part II: Alzheimer’s, Aging & The Brain

In the quest to uncover the secrets of youth and longevity, the foremost concern is the brain. If we can extend our lives by remaining mobile and disease free, that must include diseases that wreak havoc on our ability to understand and process information from the world around us. Preserving… Read More

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Got the Nutrition Blahs? Celebrate the Smoothie!

Even Martha Stewart claims to eat a spinach smoothie every morning to keep her looking and feeling fabulous. It seems everyone has their own personal secret recipe for health and longevity in their blender. Why does the smoothie have such a hold on us when it comes to nutrition? There… Read More

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Does Your Shampoo Make You Taller? 15 Silver Bullets To Steer Clear Of

Any insomniac who has turned on late night TV to be confronted with a barrage of infomercials can tell you there’s a quick fix for everything. Saggy abs? Try this. Cluttered closet? We’ve got the fix. Suffering the indignity of shelling a hard boiled egg? Here’s the solution. Some claims… Read More

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Nature’s Blueprint for Healthy Eating: Smart Birds Choose Smart Berries

According to a recent study about the eating habits of migratory birds, birds take in huge amounts of antioxidants by loading up on certain high-color, high-antioxidant berries before migration – up to triple their body weight in berries per day, or the equivalent to a human swallowing over 300 pounds!… Read More

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Who’s Dictating Your Diet?

Are you choosing to eat healthy or is someone or something choosing for you? The answer could have an effect on how much you eat and how hungry you feel. The Times of India published results of an interesting study about how choice plays a part in hunger as it… Read More

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Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny

Next to blaming our mothers, blaming our genes might be the most popular method of understanding how we as individuals navigate the world. But in a new book, The Genius In All of Us by David Shenk, the author addresses the role “practice” plays in what we refer to as… Read More

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Is Salt, Sugar & Fat Your Dark Secret?

You know eating nutritious food is good for you. You know it can prevent, even reverse diseases of aging such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. You know it can thwart weight gain that leads to obesity and exacerbates these diseases. What’s more, you actually love healthy food: avocados, wild… Read More

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March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! Sponsored by the American Dietetic Association, it’s a month devoted to smart food choices and physical health. Kelly at The Health Nut Blog offers some great tips to get you in the spirit of this year’s theme, “improving your nutrition from the ground up,” including… Read More

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Is Death a Disease to Be Cured? Anti-Aging Uncovered: Part I

Recently, we read a fun post from the Idaho Statesmen that takes a global look at the Top Antiaging Foods. The “You” docs, the force behind www.RealAge.com, also known as Oprah pals Mehmet Oz and Mike Roizen, the authors of You: On a Diet, are responsible for the list. To… Read More

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