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10 Fruity Reasons to Visit the Frozen Aisle

Consumers are connecting with the message that frozen, wild blueberries have the same delicious taste, nutritional value, and antioxidant power as fresh. Here are some of the other reasons the frozen fruit trend is poised to catch on with consumers: 1.       Convenient bulk packaging 2.       Single servings are easy to… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Cleveland Clinic’s Top 10 Fruits

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in American women, and the Cleveland Clinic wants to make it easier to make smart, healthful choices that will benefit heart health. They’ve listed their Top 10 Fruits for a healthy heart. Topping the list: berries, berries, berries, starting with blue. (They… Read More


Berry Accessible – All Winter Long

We commend Real Age for touting alternate ways to get the cancer-fighting, anti-aging benefits of berries during the long cold winter. They suggest freeze-dried as an alternative to fresh. But don’t forget frozen. Frozen can have advantages over freeze-dried (quick freezing helps them to retain their shape) and also retain… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Antioxidants: Health Benefits That Might Surprise You

Wild blueberries are a fantastic fruit. Pancakes, smoothies, salads and desserts aren’t the same without them! On the surface, they seem like a fun, delicious, and healthy food that deserves a place in your daily diet. But there’s another reason to eat them. The little blue fruit has a secret… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Benefits of Frozen on CBS: Foods that Go “Above and Beyond”

“Get them frozen!” was the call from Frances Largeman-Roth, Senior Editor at Health Magazine, when she visited CBS’s Early Show recently to talk about women’s health. “They are cheaper, and just as good as fresh,” she reported about superfood list-topper, wild blueberries. Wild blueberries made the exclusive America’s Healthiest Superfoods… Read More


Bartender! Give me a BluToddy!

BluToddy, a New York-based company that offers wild blueberry beverages and foods for the health-conscious, reported serving up a big numbers of BluToddies this past holiday season. Said BluToddy founder Wayne Miller, the drink is, “Aimed at health conscious individuals in search of health through the wonders of wild blueberries.”… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Frozen Bombshell: Why Nutrition No Longer = Fresh

Whether your cupboards look like Dr. Oz has set up shop in your kitchen, or the puffy pastries and cheesy chips give away your nutritionally-challenged status, we all struggle with affordability and availability of healthy foods. How can we better integrate nutrition into our lives? We must making healthy eating… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Scarecrow’s Lament: Can We Really Preserve Brain Function?

When Health Magazine announced its America’s Healthiest Superfoods for Women, it cited research that indicates wild blueberries may help prevent memory loss and improve motor skills. Part of living a long, healthy life is keeping the brain in top condition – can this tiny fruit really preserve brain function?  In… Read More


Wild Blueberries Make a Splash in Health Magazine!

Bravo Wild Blues! Experts at Health Magazine are touting them as one of America’s Healthiest Superfoods for Women. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate wild blueberries as a food that delivers mega benefits. They lead in antioxidant power, and antioxidants help fight aging, cancer and heart disease. Health magazine… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Welcome to Wild About Health!

Welcome to Wild About Health, a forum for the latest news, research, and ideas surrounding the exciting world of healthy eating, nutrition, and wellness. We are so pleased to have an opportunity to talk about the vital and constantly-changing world of health and nutrition and how it intersects with how… Read More

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