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Are You Eating Fake Blueberries?

Revealing Video Uncovers Consumer Deception A revealing video made by the Nonprofit Consumer Wellness Center points out a frightening consumer deception in some popular brands that sell products such as muffins, breads, and cereal. These popular brands named in the video are faking their fruit – they don’t contain blueberries,… Read More


Veggie Love: Maine Author Makes Color Delicious

If a whole new way of life based on tasty veggies and fruits, bright colors, and prevention and recovery from disease sounds like something you’d like to embrace in the new year, getting to know Meg Wolff is a perfect start. Wolff is a local author who will be appearing… Read More


Maine Chef Brings Seafood Pie to Grocery Store Shelves

Local Brand Features Sustainability as Primary Ingredient  Chef Sam Hayward is as famous for Fore Street, his downtown Portland, Maine restaurant, as he is for his commitment to local foods. Now he has succeeded in bringing a taste of both closer to kitchen tables around the state with his traditional… Read More


At Blueberry Harvest Time, Picking at Peak Means an Endless Summer

Ah, summer. If only we could extend the colorful, fresh bounty of the season all winter long. But wait a minute – it seems we can. There are millions of pounds of wild blueberries currently being captured and quick frozen at their very peak of flavor and nutrition. We can… Read More


Remembering Jim Joseph – Author, Scientist, Originator of the Power of Pigment

James A. Joseph, Ph.D., author and respected scientist and researcher, died suddenly this month. Joseph was a valued associate and friend of the Wild Blueberry Association of North America, and he will be sorely missed. A distinguished scientist with an outstanding record of achievement, Joseph contributions have had a major… Read More


Sell Your Superfoods! Think Like an Ad Man (or Woman) in Your Kitchen

This post from Summer Tomato, “Sell Your Family On Healthy Eating Using Descriptive Copy”, poses a perfectly fun idea for motivating yourself and your family to eat well, inspired by a study concerning the psychology of eating that we discussed here a few weeks ago.  It seems putting a little… Read More


Don’t Stand By While Fruit Suffers: An Open Letter to the Frozen Fruit Industry and IQF Companies

To Whom it May Concern: The nutrition community and those committed to healthy eating are increasingly aware of the current enthusiasm for frozen fruit. Recently, in the “Science of Living a Healthy Life” issue of The New York Times Magazine, an ad touted the frozen obsession by stating that “Mother… Read More


High Five Your Freezer – March is Frozen Food Month

A month that celebrates what is in your freezer? You bet. Consider that less than a century ago, before the launch of quick frozen foods, consumers were unable to take advantage of the convenience and nutritional value of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. Today, “frozen” has truly caught on with… Read More


Berry Accessible – All Winter Long

We commend Real Age for touting alternate ways to get the cancer-fighting, anti-aging benefits of berries during the long cold winter. They suggest freeze-dried as an alternative to fresh. But don’t forget frozen. Frozen can have advantages over freeze-dried (quick freezing helps them to retain their shape) and also retain… Read More

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Benefits of Frozen on CBS: Foods that Go “Above and Beyond”

“Get them frozen!” was the call from Frances Largeman-Roth, Senior Editor at Health Magazine, when she visited CBS’s Early Show recently to talk about women’s health. “They are cheaper, and just as good as fresh,” she reported about superfood list-topper, wild blueberries. Wild blueberries made the exclusive America’s Healthiest Superfoods… Read More

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