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From Seasonal Agricultural Worker to Wild Blueberry Farm Owner

Ben Perrin arrived in Maine nearly 30 years ago. He came to the state as an agricultural worker and was thrown into the world of wild blueberries, helping to harvest the state’s iconic fruit crop for many summers until he decided to open his own wild blueberry farm in Cherryfield,… Read More


Harvesting 650,000 Pounds of Wild Blueberries by Hand

Around 1950, Elijah Hammond had just finished serving in World War II and came home to Maine.  He bought land in Harrington and Lynch Hill Farms was born. His son, Bob Hammond took over the blueberry farm in the 1980’s and expanded the farm over the years, continuing with Maine Wild Blueberries… Read More

Health & Nutrition

American Heart Month: How Wild Blueberries May Improve Heart Health

With heart disease-causing 1 in 4 US deaths each year, it’s considered the leading cause of mortality for both men and women across our country. With this overwhelming statistic in mind, it’s incredibly important to take care of your cardiovascular health, and what better time to renew the vow to… Read More

Health & Nutrition

The Best Addition to Your Grocery Cart: Frozen Wild Blueberries

The common perception is that food loses its natural taste and nutritional value once it’s frozen – but when it comes to Wild Blueberries, that’s not the case. Wild Blueberries are frozen at the peak of ripeness locking in their incredible taste and nutrition. If you didn’t know, 99% of… Read More


Jump Start Your Family’s Resolutions with Nutritious Wild Blueberries

For most, January 1st beckons a fresh start, but sometimes achieving those “big” resolutions can be a little bit challenging. Whether it’s setting a healthy eating goal for yourself or finding ways to get the whole family invested in putting nourishing foods on the table, consider adding Wild Blueberries into… Read More


New Twists on Thanksgiving Favorites Using Wild Blueberries

‘Tis the season for slowing down, spending time with loved ones, and honoring the tradition of giving thanks. Tradition is a commonly used word this time of year – whether your family gathers to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or looks forward to your great grandmother’s recipe that’s been… Read More


Fall Favorites: A Wild Twist on Traditional Comfort Foods

The leaves are changing, the pumpkin spice lattes are flowing, and sweater weather is finally here to stay. While it may not be the longest season, fall is for sure the coziest – and pairs perfectly with so many favorite comfort foods – from fluffy waffles to hearty soups to… Read More


4 Brain Boosting Recipes for Kids

The first day of school has come and gone, and now we’re all settling into early morning and after school activity routines. While getting through a busy day, deciding what to feed the kids can be a bit of a stressor, especially when you want to make sure its quick,… Read More


5 Smoothies to Keep You Hydrated All Summer Long

Drinking fluids or staying hydrated is an important part of staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in the body. The recommendation is to consume 30 to 50 ounces of fluid per day. Good old water will always do the trick, but these five summer smoothie recipes can… Read More


5 Wildly Energizing Snacks Perfect for a Busy Summer

These warm summer days in New England are short-lived and because of that, we appreciate how precious they are and try not to waste a second. Enjoying every moment of summer can mean lots of time spent outdoors at the beach, on the water, hiking, golfing and about any other… Read More

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