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Can What We Eat Help Our Brains as We Age?

Do you forget where you placed your keys or have trouble remembering small details? Forgetfulness is a normal part of aging and may affect some of us more than others as we grow older. Unfortunately, for many of us —even if we are healthy now— a diagnosis of dementia could… Read More


Up Your Smoothie-Making Game at Home with Advice from a Smoothie Pro

The holidays are finally behind us, and it’s time to get a start on the new year. Instead of making the traditional laundry list of New Year’s resolutions that most of us won’t keep beyond a few weeks, try creating a list of small manageable changes and set actionable and… Read More


Vegetarian Holiday Appetizer: Coconut Crusted Tempeh Skewers with Wild Blueberry BBQ Sauce

The holidays are here and like many of you, I will be hosting friends and family. We make more of a fuss over Christmas Eve dinner than any other meal, and, believe it or not, I’ve already got most of the meal planning complete. I’ve been recipe testing and tweaking… Read More


Easy Wild Blueberry Gingerbread Thumbprint Cookies

Although I habitually buy the December issue of Martha Stewart Magazine — dazzled by the promise of a spectacular Christmas on its cover — I’ve never actually made a single holiday craft within its pages. I want to. I really do. But anything that requires mail ordering craft materials or… Read More


WILD-ly Tasty Recipes for Special Diets

If you’re following a specialized diet like paleo, vegan, gluten or dairy free, the holidays can be somewhat challenging, especially if you’re traveling and away from home visiting family. Plus for your hosts, when preparing indulgent treats for the holidays, these specialized dietary needs can provide an additional obstacle for… Read More


6 Totally Unexpected Recipes for a Special Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving honors the very best of tradition, but it’s also a chance to pull off some culinary surprises.  After all, with your closest relatives gathered in one place for a traditional, time-honored feast, isn’t it just a little bit tempting (and a little thrilling) to add something bold and interesting… Read More


Celebrate the Holidays with Wild Blueberry Pull-Apart Bread

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already around the corner? While for some that statement may elicit feelings of excitement, for most it conjures up anxiety about the never-ending holiday to-do list. What if, this year, instead of getting caught up in the holiday hysteria, you invested in some time-saving… Read More


This Halloween, Try These Made-from-Scratch Wild Blueberries Recipes

Halloween doesn’t have to be all candy bars and packaged foods. Remember the days when the best Halloween treats were handmade caramel-dipped apples and popcorn balls? If you’re entertaining this Halloween, then try bewitching your guests (young and old) with a few spooky, eye-catching treats, made entirely from scratch in… Read More


Celebrate Wild Foods Day with this Wild Blueberry & Mushroom Risotto Recipe

My mom’s birthday is coming up next month and I’m in charge of the food for the family dinner party. Of course I want to make something extra special to celebrate so I’m planning on making the theme something fun and unique…and a little wild (just like mom!). The star… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Make Way for Anthocyanins—the Power Behind the Purple

Chances are, you’ve read or heard about antioxidants before, but did you know the “new kid” on the berry health-promotion scene is a group of beneficial plant compounds called anthocyanins (pronounced an-tho-sigh-a-nins)? Although their presence in plants is not a new discovery, scientists have more recently begun to find that… Read More

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