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Easy Low Sugar Easter Dessert: Wild Blueberry Fool

I had an amazing Fruit Fool a few years ago at a friend’s house. It’s one of those desserts you keep thinking about after eating it. For a dinner party or family gathering I think a Fruit Fool is a no-brainer; it’s super easy to make and a tasty treat… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Easy Homemade Nutrition Packed Wild Blueberry Fruit Leathers

Your kids will love seeing frozen fruit transformed into a chewy, sweet fruit leather. And you’ll love that they’re snacking on a homemade treat made with one of North America’s original superfoods instead of something highly-processed and packaged. Read More

Health & Nutrition

Savoring the Flavor of Eating Right with Mindful Eating

January has come and gone and March is here. Are you still on track with your resolutions? If not, don’t worry because this month is the perfect time to make another fresh start on eating well because it’s National Nutrition Month! “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right” The Academy of… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Eating on the Wild Side: Is it the Next Big Real Foods Trend?

Here in Maine, eating wild foods, either through hunting, fishing or foraging has long been a cultural pastime. But when you look to the mainstream, it seems that many Americans have either forgotten, or not yet fully embraced, the idea of eating wild foods, despite the fact that many of… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Top 10 Smoothie Nutrition Boosters

There are three big reasons why I love smoothies. First and foremost, they’re easy to make – in less than five minutes you can have a healthy breakfast or snack. They’re also portable – you can easily take one with you to work or to run errands. And last but… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Wild Blueberry Toast – Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipe

A few years after my daughter was born, my husband started a tradition. Every year for Valentine’s Day he would buy us matching necklaces. Over the years my daughter and I have received some beautiful pieces. Norah and I can’t wait to open those little boxes on February 14th. It’s… Read More

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#WildYourSmoothie Twitter Chat

Join us Wednesday February 17th at 1pm EST for a Twitter Chat featuring Kara Lydon, RD, LDN, RYT Peanut butter and jelly – they just go together. Right? Well now there’s another amazing combination that pairs perfectly — frozen Wild Blueberries and smoothies. Frozen fresh at harvest, these tiny little… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Food Labels Coming Clean

Clean. Simple. Wholesome. Who doesn’t love those words, especially at the beginning of a new year? Lots of people are venturing into 2016 with plans to clean up their diets, and for many, eating clean, simple, and wholesome foods is the preferred approach. Cooking at home is one way to… Read More

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8 Tips to Build the Perfect Smoothie + Wild Blueberry Immune-Boosting Smoothie Recipe

Now that we’re well into January, we’re all holding on tightly to those New Year’s resolutions we set at the beginning of the month. And if your resolution was to eat healthier, you’re probably searching for easy ways to pack more nutrition into your day. Search no more, my friends…. Read More

Health & Nutrition

Low Sugar, High Protein Wild Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Smoothies are a huge part of life at my house. We drink them like water! We’re mostly creatures of habit, sticking to our favorite blends, but we’ve tried just about every combination possible. My template for the perfect smoothie is this: fruit + greens + fat + protein + liquid…. Read More

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