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Wild Blueberries Provide the ‘Secret Sauce’ for these Quick and Easy Meatless Tacos

I’m always on the lookout for dinner recipes that I can throw together in no time at the end of a long day. I rarely want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen cooking when dinnertime rolls around, so the less time it takes me to get delicious food from stove to table, the better!

We aren’t a big-take out family, but many of my clients are. If I had a dime for how many times I’ve heard a client tell me they have no time for cooking dinner, well, I’d have myself a giant pile of dimes. Because of that, I love the challenge of creating super quick meals that make take-out look inconvenient! These ridiculously easy Black Bean Tacos with Wild Blueberry Sauce are my best defense against the take-out argument, and I bet they’re a whole lot tastier and healthier, too. In our house, tacos are a weekly staple, and no one’s complaining about it.

A common myth about Mexican-inspired food is that in order to have big flavor you have to create calorie-bomb dishes that are filled with greasy meat, cheese, and sour cream but little to no veggies. This just isn’t true. You can create delicious tacos with tons of Mexican flavor without sacrificing time, money, or taste. As far as time in the kitchen goes, it’s actually easier to make a healthy taco that’s colorful, flavorful, and nutritious than it is to make an unhealthy one. With these Black Bean Tacos with Wild Blueberry Sauce, a few pantry staples go a long way in making healthy tacos come together in just about five minutes.

The corn tortillas tacos are stuffed with black beans and frozen corn, which I always have on hand. Then, I add a pre-chopped salad mix made with cabbage and cilantro (three cheers for dinners that don’t even require a knife or a cutting board!). The result: a fiber rich, veggie packed taco that’s oh-so-easy.

The Wild Blueberry Sauce is the real star of this super easy dinner. This tasty sauce adds a sweet and zesty flavor while packing in plenty of antioxidant goodness.  I love using Wild Blueberries in savory dishes for an unexpected pop of gorgeous color and flavor, like in my Wild Blueberry Sweet Potato Stacks, Wild Blueberry and Miso Salad Dressing, or Wild Blueberry Quesadillas. These five-minute tacos are no exception! I hope you’ll give them a try the next time you need a family-pleasing, flavorful dinner in no time.

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