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Simple, Easy Wild Blueberry Fall Favorite Recipes

Do you have a passion for baking this time of year? The temperatures in many parts of the country are dipping into the 40s and it is jeans and sweater weather at night. The air is crisper, the ground firmer, and the sky brighter so those with no city lights can see the night sky that much clearer. Halloween is coming up, followed closely by Thanksgiving and Christmas. Houses are full of families and friends enjoying the benefits of harvest, watching football games, and catching up after a busy summer. Families are ferrying children to soccer matches and after school events. What better time to become familiar with recipes for hassle-free comforting snacks and meals?
When a favorite fall recipe calls for apples or cranberries, think about swapping in frozen Wild Blueberries, which because of their naturally wild heritage, are packed with flavor – even more flavor than the larger cultivated blueberries you find in the produce section. The tiny, potent Wild Blueberry has a delicious sweet and tangy flavor truly made by nature.

And, Wild Blueberries have twice the antioxidants and 50% more fiber than the larger blueberries giving individuals more of what they need to combat disease and promote healthy aging. Since WildBlueberries only grow naturally in Maine and eastern Canada, the best place to find them is in your grocer’s frozen fruit section.

We’ve selected a few of our favorite fall sweet and savory recipes from some of our most beloved bloggers and magazines so check out the list below and try them at home. These could become new family favorites. Most of the recipes call for fresh blueberries. So simply substitute frozen Wild Blueberries instead – you’ll get more berry in a one-cup serving which means more berries per bite. You’ll also experience an incredible pop of flavor that the blander larger blueberries can’t compete with. And with frozen Wild Blueberries you can celebrate with these dishes all year long. 
A few sweet favorites:
What is fall without cobbler? Ever had biscuits and blueberry jam? This recipe, when made with Wild Blueberries, is delicious!
Remember to substitute the larger, blander blueberries for the Wild ones!
No one does crumb cake like Ree Drummond, aka “The Pioneer Woman” and we’re pretty sure if she lived in the wilds of New England this would have a “Wild” in front of it.
Savory snacks:
With Wild Blueberries in the mix, this could be the star running back at your next Sunday afternoon football gathering.
Just say yes to these goodies when made with Wild Blueberries!!
For many other great recipes, and related health information about Wild Blueberries, visit

www.facebook.com/wildblueberries, http://www.pinterest.com/wbeditor/, and www.twitter.com/WildBBerries4U. We’d also love to hear how you use Wild Blueberries in recipes for your familiy. Feel free to share with us!

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