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Summer Camp Lunchbox Friendly Wild Blueberry Recipes

It’s officially summertime, which means that there are tons of adventures waiting for you and your family around every corner–think warm nights spent around the campfire, scenic hikes, lake dips, and best of all, yummy wild blueberry dishes! As the world begins to return to some semblance of normality and the kids start summer camp, you may be looking for some quick, kid-friendly snack ideas to keep their lunchboxes–and bellies–full. Add an extra dose of brain-healthy goodness to your kids’ lunches by adding a scoop of wild blueberries to some tried-and-true lunchbox favorites. 

Need some camp lunchbox recipe inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

Power your kid’s camp morning with Wild Blueberry French Toast Pinwheels.

If camp has an early morning start, these super packable Wild Blueberry French Toast Pinwheels are a great go-to. Just stick a toothpick in it, grab some Tupperware, and *BAM*, these bite-sized pinwheels are ready to travel with you wherever you go!

Your kids will love grabbing a big handful of this Dried Wild Blueberry and Almond Granola.

One thing we know for certain: granola is the best camp snack around. It’s so easy to pack and our Dried Wild Blueberry and Almond Granola recipe can be eaten with yogurt or by itself. It’s also a great calorie-dense option that will provide your kids with a tremendous amount of protein and fiber. Pack them something that tastes great and is super easy to scoop with their hands, straight out of the baggie. You can even get them involved in preparing this recipe. Easy peasy, wild blueberry squeezie (that’s the saying right?)!

Whip up some No-Bake Wild Blueberry Energy Bars to keep your kids going throughout the whole day!

Pack your kiddos some healthy and energizing No-Bake Wild Blueberry Energy Bars to help get them through their fun, but long, summer days at camp. This quick and easy recipe only requires an hour in the fridge, and then its ready to be packed away for a fun day in the sun. Limited parent time, kid taste tested and approved. 

Skip the sugary grocery store fruit roll-ups and make your own Wild Blueberry Fruit Leather.

This three-ingredient recipe is a healthy alternative to sugary, store-bought roll-up snacks your kids might already be familiar with. Transform delicious, frozen wild blueberries into a tasty yet chewy, Wild Blueberry Fruit Leather for the kids to snack on throughout the day. Packing your kiddos’ lunches with some wild blueberry goodness will help fuel their day with brain-healthy goodness. Did you know that research has found wild blueberries have significant positive effects in children on memory, decision-making, response times, concentration and mood? If you pack some of the above recipes, let us know which one your kids loved the most. Take a picture, share on social, and tag us FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to share your kids *wild* camp experience!

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