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Venison & Wild Blueberries: A Regional Pairing

Here in New England and Canada, hunting season has come to close, and venison has been making its debut on menus at home and in area restaurants. We recently shared a venison dish with TheUrbanMrs.com to demonstrate how an entrée that reflects our regional foods can create a flavorful pairing. 

Proteins come to life when complemented by the bright, tangy complex flavors of wild blueberries, and they create an ideal flavor profile for this richly flavored dish. Even avid sportsmen admit that the secret of these Venison Medallions with Sautéed Apple Slices and Wild Blueberry Sauce is in the sauce, which combines red wine, beef broth, garlic, onion and currant jelly. It’s high on health as well: venison is particularly low in saturated fat, and wild blueberries provide powerful nutrition and antioxidants. 

Get the full recipe at TheUrbanMrs.com. Then, discover other delicious entrées appetizers, snacks, drinks, and sides at WildBlueberries.com to round out your holiday entertaining. 

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