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Want a Daily Dose of Blue? Pin Your Passion!

Inspired to increase your wild blueberry intake? You’re not alone. More and more of us are putting our yen for this colorful, delicious, powerfully healthy superfruit where our mouth is. Eating more wild blueberries means you’re replacing empty calorie foods with nutrient-rich ones, eating something you love, and, most likely, cooking more at home. And that’s good for your weight, your health, and your well being.

Luckily, there’s a place that satisfies a desire for everything blue and provides a new wild blueberry recipe every day to help maintain enthusiasm for your daily dose – it’s our Pinterest page – a place where those who love wild blueberries come together to share their passion.

Our “WildBlueberries!” page provides lively, colorful boards with themes like Wild Blueberry Cocktails and Wild Blueberry Daily Recipes. The Wild Blueberry Videos board contains a wealth of visual delights, facts about wild blues, and one-on-ones with chefs that use them in their recipes. Where else could you find a fabulous Fruit Pizza, a French Toast Sandwich and this Forbidden Rice Pudding with Blueberries in one place? And, because our Wild Blueberry Daily Recipes board provides a brand new wild blueberry recipe every day, it will inspire and assist you in your quest to get your daily dose of blue.

A Community of Blue

If getting a daily dose of blue sounds easy, that’s because it is. Many people already incorporate a half cup or more of wild blueberries into their diet each day. While some insist on a daily smoothie, others enjoy finding new and original ways to incorporate their favorite blue fruit into salads, sandwiches, entrées and desserts. In fact, if you are someone who is always seeking out new ideas to make meals exciting, you may reap health benefits. Those who eat a varied diet, include a diversity of fruits and vegetables, and eat widely across the color spectrum are often healthier. A colorful diet that incorporates a rainbow of colors provided by nature is an excellent basis for getting needed nutrients. Eating a daily dose of wild blueberries fits the bill perfectly, especially because of their year-round availability in the frozen aisle.

Get on Board

Ready to show your love for wild blueberries?

First, log in to your Pinterest account and visit our page. There’s lots of things to do there:

  • Follow us. Follow a favorite board, like Wild Blueberry Cocktails, the Wild About Health board, recipe board, video board – or all of them!
  • Get a link. Re-pin something anytime during the month of October from any of our boards and we’ll post a link to your Pinterest board on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Have your recipe featured on Wild Blueberry Daily Recipes. Choose a favorite wild blueberry recipe – something you found surfing the web, or something from your own website or blog. Then, post the URL to your recipe in the comment section here. We might choose it to be one of our Wild Blueberry Daily Recipes and share it with all our followers!

Indulging your passion with a pin is a fun way to learn about health and get inspired to create new dishes and share them. You’ll see how easy it is to start eating more wild blues – you may even want to do it every day.

Interested in incorporating a daily dose of blue in your diet? Ease into your regimen with ½ cup twice a week. Eating anthocyanin-rich fruits just twice a week, particularly wild blueberries, has been shown to reduce risk of type 2 diabetes. Then, move to ½ cup every day as a way to attain the recommended goal of two cups of fruit per day. Getting two cups of fruit per day means you have an ally in the battle to stay healthy and age well. It will help you maintain weight and may help protect you against diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Need something else to sweeten the pie? Dishes that include wild blueberries satisfy cravings for the sweet and delicious – and that helps maintain a healthy diet 365 days a year. Happy pinning!

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