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Warts & All: Food & Health Survey Reveals…Us

The International Food Information Council Foundation’s fifth annual Food & Health Survey takes an extensive look at Americans’ eating, health and physical activity habits, as well as food safety practices. In other words, they reveal us for what we are and what we think when it comes to eating and staying healthy. The unsurprising headline? That many Americans are concerned about their weight.

A whopping 70% say they are concerned about their weight status, and 77 % report trying to lose or maintain their weight. At the same time, we don’t have a solid handle on our calorie needs and intake, and despite being extremely weight-conscious, we are not using exercise to assuage those concerns.

Here are some additional findings about the American consumer that we found interesting:

69% are changing the amount of food they eat
63% are changing the type of foods they eat

12% accurately estimate their recommended daily calorie intake for weight maintenance

73% are focused on trying to consume more whole grains

53% are concerned about the amount of sodium in their diet

86% say taste has the largest impact on food and beverage purchasing decisions

58% say healthfulness does

73% are satisfied with the healthfulness of products offered at their supermarket

77% do not meet the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Physical Activity Guidelines

68% actively use the Nutrition Facts Panel

74% of those who use the Nutrition Facts Panel rank calories as the top piece of information they use

10% say they have either eliminated caffeine from their diet

View the full findings (warts and all) at  www.foodinsight.org.

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