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5 Wild Blueberries and Ice Cream Recipes that Celebrate Summer

July in Maine is truly a glorious thing. For one, the weather is usually at its very best, and people are out enjoying all the state has to offer, from the cool, blue ocean to the top of Cadillac Mountain, and all in between. It’s also National (WILD) Blueberry Month, giving us one more  wonderful reason to celebrate our state’s wild berry. To top it all off, July is also National Ice Cream Month! When you add it all up, this amazing combination represents comes down to enjoying Wild Blueberry ice cream on a beautiful summer day in Maine.

If you can’t make it to Maine this summer, you can swing by your local supermarket and take home a little bit of Maine – in a bag of frozen Wild Blueberries. A spoonful of those special berries will transport your mind to your favorite place in Maine in July. And what better way to enjoy frozen Wild Blueberries than with homemade ice cream. Here’s a few of our favorite Wild Blueberry ice cream recipes – some are event dairy free and vegan friendly – so you can celebrate the glorious month of July right along with us:

Wild Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwiches. These delicious ice cream sandwiches will be devoured before they can melt in the summer heat. This recipe is non-dairy and vegan friendly, but we doubt anyone will notice (you can easily substitute those back in). Cut ‘em up as tiny bites for a gathering or leave them bigger for a full-on treat.

Wild Blueberry Ice Cream. This more traditional ice cream recipe on our list is perfect in a dish or scooped into a cone! The crumbled graham crackers and dark chocolate chips give the ice cream texture and compliment the sweet and tangy flavors of the Wild Blueberries. Easy enough to make, this could become part of your annual summer festivities.

Wild Blueberry Vegan “Ice Cream” with Ginger and Lemon. Making “ice cream” from ripe bananas is all the rage these days. This recipe is simple with only five ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Using ripe bananas also means you can skip the added sugar and milk making this a healthier frozen treat. Just blend and enjoy!

Wild Blueberry Yogurt Pops. Prefer froyo? We have the perfect treat for the kids (and mom and dad too) to grab when you’re on the move. The frozen Wild Blueberries add a sweet pop of flavor that will delight the pickiest of kids. Customize them with your favorite yogurt and to make them out of this world add a little chocolate drizzle at the end.

Wild Blueberry & Champagne Sorbet. This is a delicious and refreshing option for family and friends who don’t like ice cream (yes it’s hard to believe but some folks don’t). The champagne added at the end gives a fun bubbly finish to the sorbet to make any summer night celebration a little more festive.

We hope you have a fun July. And remember you can whip up and enjoy these frozen treats any day, week or month because frozen Wild Blueberries are available all year long in the frozen fruit aisle of your local supermarket. Pick up a bag and transport yourself to summer in Maine whenever you need quiet moment and a break from the chaos of a busy day.

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