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Wild Blueberry Blast Smoothie Bowls to Keep You Energized Through the Holidays

If pretty food photos like this one for a Wild Blueberry Blast Smoothie Bowl whet your appetite and inspire you to try new recipes, then you’re probably grabbing your blender right now!

Wild Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are different from traditional smoothies because they’re thicker. So instead of sipping them with a straw from a glass, you scoop them with a spoon from a bowl. And they also provide the perfect canvas for colorful toppings. We love them in the morning as a nutritious breakfast or in the afternoon for a pick-me-up snack. When antioxidant-rich Wild Blueberries are blended into the mix and added as a topper, we love them even more.

With the holiday season in full swing and schedules running tight, a plain bowl of cereal for breakfast or pretzels for snack just doesn’t cut it. That’s where easy-to-make smoothie bowls like this one come in. Our Wild Blueberry Bowl provides a blast of energy to keep you revved up on busy days. Each serving has 90% of your daily requirement of vitamin C, a known immune booster that we especially appreciate during cold and flu season.

Smoothie Bowl Ingredients

Smoothie bowls are versatile. Some of our favorite blender ingredients include milk, juice, fruit (fresh or frozen), Greek yogurt, nut butters, and chia seeds, and for the toppings, we turn to nutrient-rich ingredients like frozen Wild Blueberries, sliced fruit, granola, nuts, hemp seeds, and Graham crackers. Anything goes!

The Year of Smoothie Bowls and Coloring Books

This has been the year of the smoothie bowl, thanks in part to social network sites like Instagram, where pretty pictures and “food porn” reign supreme. And interestingly, there has also been a boon in adult-centric coloring books, which offer everyone from busy singles to on-the-go moms a creative way to de-stress and tap into their inner child! Peruse your local bookshop for Mandala coloring books and you’ll see what we mean.

Smoothie Bowl Coloring Book

So what do smoothie bowls and coloring books have in common? Well, actually nothing…until now. This week, we released a first-of-its kind coloring cookbook. That’s right. If you visit our website, you can download our brand new, Smoothie Bowl Coloring Cookbook. The book is designed for adults (but it’s kid-friendly too), and as you look through its pages, you’ll have access to 10 nutritious smoothie bowl recipes (including our Wild Blueberry Blast Smoothie Bowl) and 10 corresponding Mandala-style food designs.

Wild Blueberry Coloring Book

We welcome you to stop by and check out the coloring book, and by all means, get your blenders ready and start enjoying the delicious world of smoothie bowls.

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